'68 Whiskey' Episode 2: Boz the Goat emerges as a fan-favorite as Roback begins his rescue mission

'68 Whiskey' Episode 2: Boz the Goat emerges as a fan-favorite as Roback begins his rescue mission
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Spoiler alert for '68 Whiskey' Episode 2 'Finger Lickin' Good'

There is a lot to like about '68 Whiskey' from its diverse cast to its tongue-in-cheek humor. But what fans love the most on the show is Boz, the goat that Anthony Petrocelli (Nicholas Coombe) ran into in the first episode. "I love the Goat!," tweeted a fan. "This 68 Whiskey show has a goat named Boz and I thought that was tight," tweeted another viewer. 

For Petrocelli, Boz quickly became a replacement for Buckley (Riley Baron), the medic, whom they lost in the beginning of the first episode. Ever since he has been treating Boz as a pet, feeding him, talking to him and carrying him around. And not just Petrocelli, viewers of the show find themselves occupied by Boz themselves. 

"If anything happens to the goat I'm out. @68Whiskey," said a fan. Many viewers don't even think of him as just a cute, adorable goat that Petrocelli is clearly relying on for emotional support. Boz has gained himself the reputation of being a mascot of sorts. "More than that a lucky charm. Don’t fool with the Mascot," said a viewer. 


In the second episode, Boz accompanies Cooper Roback (Sam Keeley), Mekhi Davis (Jeremy Tardy) and Petrocelli through the quiet, cold deserts in Afghanistan. On this adventure, they find out that SecCorp is up to something, but cannot figure out exactly what it is.

But Boz hilariously bites off a finger of one of the SecCorps, which gives the trio the chance to escape. "Bad enough you have to worry about your friends, your enemies and the wounded, now you have to be on the lookout for carnivorous goats! #68WhiskeyTV #BOZ" tweeted a fan. 

Back at the base, Rosa Alvarez (Cristina Rodlo) stands the threat of being deported to Mexico. "Never saw @68Whiskey show til tonight. But 5 mins in they show an awesome dedicated Hispanic female being discharged & shipped from front lines to US to be discharged for being a Mexican. Her CO explains its an executive order (blame Trump) What a shitshow. Channel changed," said an upset fan. But with Roback coming up with a plan, will he be successful in keeping Alvarez from deportation?


At the same time, the show continues to garner praise. Military shows are some of my favorites and @68Whiskey is getting added to that list of ones I like. Currently, I’m in the middle of the second episode and already want more. Well done @paramountnet #68WhiskeyTV," tweeted a fan.

"#68WhiskeyTV by far my new favourite show. I think if you’ve ever deployed you can relate to the storylines more," said another. 

'68 Whiskey' airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/ PT on Paramount Network.


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