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Nearly 64% of Americans think it's too soon to lift restrictions, worry about consequences: Poll

A whopping 86% of Americans support social distancing and stay-at-home orders, saying these measures are 'responsible government policies that are saving lives'
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(Getty Images)

 About 64% of Americans think reopening states to save the tanking economy will backfire and cost more lives.

Stats from the ABC News / Ipsos poll comes amid concerns over how the economy is tumbling due to stay-at-home orders. The pandemic has left about 33 million Americans without jobs.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted that the global economy would contract by 3% in 2020. "As countries implement necessary quarantines and social distancing practices to contain the pandemic, the world has been put in a Great Lockdown."

"The magnitude and speed of collapse in activity that has followed is unlike anything experienced in our lifetimes," Gita Gopinath, IMF's chief economist, said. Even as the future looks grim, most Americans are more concerned about moving too quickly and costing lives, according to a statement from ABC News/Ipsos poll.

The survey also throws light on the varying views among different groups in the country. "Under the surface, however, there are significant differences between men and women, white and non-white Americans, and Republicans and Democrats," a statement read.

As for political leanings, 92% of Democrats and 35% Republicans are against reopening. "Across the board, Republicans show a greater likelihood to return to these activities than Democrats. The greatest differences are on attending church, staying in a hotel, and eating at a restaurant," the report read.

About 77% of them do not mind stepping out for work alone (Getty Images)

More non-white Americans, 84% of them, and only 52% of whites think reopening is not worth the risk. According to an analysis from the American Public Media (APM) Research, African-Americans are the hardest hit, with more than 16,000 deaths.

More women are not up for reopening with 72% of women holding this view, compared to 54% of men. A whopping 86% of Americans support social distancing and stay-at-home orders, saying these measures are "responsible government policies that are saving lives".

Americans are more open to resuming some activities such as going to restaurants, church, and sending their children to school. But most of them are unlikely to do them if restrictions were lifted tomorrow. In other words, only 20% of the population might return to social public spaces.

More than 45% of parents are willing to send their children to school while 36% of them said they will not do so. A majority, 77%, of them do not mind stepping out for work alone. About 51% are open to getting a haircut.

The survey also explains how the pandemic has infringed upon their lives. About nine in 10 Americans feel it has disrupted their daily routines. However, this does not seem to push people away from restrictive measures. Over 69% of them do not expect to get back to that routine until after July 1.

It also says that the US is adapting to the changing world. About three in five are wearing a face mask or covering when leaving their homes. And four in five fear a possible infection.

President Donald Trump has won 44% approval for his handling of the crisis while about 54% disapprove of his response.