Janiel Verainer: Pedophile who identifies as 5-year-old girl caught kissing minors AGAIN

Janiel Verainer had approached and kissed two minor girls after earlier spending 15 months behind bars

                            Janiel Verainer: Pedophile who identifies as 5-year-old girl caught kissing minors AGAIN
Janiel Verainer is a pedophile who identifies herself as a 5-year-old girl (Kent Police)

A pedophile who identifies herself as a trans girl aged five has been convicted of defying a court order. The 60-year-old Janiel Verainer, who lives in Chatham, UK, was ordered to stay away from kids in 2016 after he was found kissing a little girl outside of a cafe in Thanet, UK. But Verainer violated the sexual harm order and kissed two minor girls. He has now been convicted again.

Five years ago, when Verainer was first convicted after being found guilty of kissing the girl child and possessing child sexual exploitation photos on his devices, he was awarded 15 months behind the bars. The court also imposed the sexual harm prevention order. But the pedophile, referred to by “she/her” pronouns by the court, repeated the same crime.


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As per reports, during her recent hearing, Verainer showed up in an elf costume, donning a green and red dress, red and white thigh-high stockings, and a festive sweater. He was also apparently sucking his thumb as the legal process went on.

However, it’s not the first time Verainer appeared in a weird look before the court. In 2016, she wore pig-tails and had been sucking on a pacifier. She also had a large stuffed doll. According to an evaluation conducted on her, she is not suffering from any mental illness, but she had personality issues. It has been said that Verainer will probably be awarded jail time on February 25 once a probation report is ready.

Andy Ngô, the author of NYT bestseller ‘Unmasked’, shared the news on his Twitter account. He wrote, “Kent, UK: A 60-year-old trans woman who was court ordered to stay away from children has pleaded guilty to violating the order by making sexual physical contact with two random school girls. Janiel Verainer dressed as an elf in court & sucked her thumb.”


In another tweet, Ngô added: “In 2016, Janiel Verainer told a judge she identified as a 5-year-old girl in a case where she was eventually convicted for having indecent contact w/a child. She was reprimanded by the judge for bringing a large doll to the court. There was also child porn images on her phone.”


A number of people reacted to Ngô’s tweet with a user saying, “He. He. He. He. He. Stop agreeing to the nonsense by using a pronoun that is incorrect! He. He. He.” Another one wrote, “That’s not a woman; and this is not the UK or Canada where you are arrested for misgendering. Please don’t ask us to participate in his fantasy.” The third user tweeted, “This self-identification is hooey. It should NEVER be accepted as reality.”






An angry person suggested: “Surely, we can all agree to put this person on an iceberg and set it off to sea, can't we?” The second one said, “‘She,’ ‘her?’ Is there some liability issue? That's an XY scumbag, simple as that.” “I think these ‘people’ may be using the whole trans thing to diddle kids… maybe they’re actual demons sent from hell. Maybe those crazy Christians were right about this,” the third one added and a tweet read, “This guy needs to be locked up for a very long time. But the Wokers will let him loose again. And guess what? He'll do it again and again.”








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