'60 Days In': Stripper-turned-born-again Christian Jennifer says a demon had sex with her

'60 Days In': Stripper-turned-born-again Christian Jennifer says a demon had sex with her
Jennifer (A&E)

Talk about bizarre. '60 Days In' contestant Jennifer, in the latest episode, is convinced that a demon had sex with her in her cell. A former stripper and born-again Christian, Jennifer tells her cellmate about the incident.

"I've been having some weird spiritual dreams in here," she begins staring out of the window, "There's a lot of demonic activity going on in this place. There are demons in this place. There are demons in Etowah County." If you thought that sounded a tad bit crazy, she went on to explain the dream to her cellmate.

"Last night in my dream, a demon had sex with me," she tells her cellmate, who clearly just wanted to sleep and yawned as she said, "Oh God."

Unbothered, Jennifer continues, "Right. I didn't see it but I could feel and I had to cry to one of my aunts for help and then it turned into a kid-looking thing and I was casting it and rebuking it. It looked at me and laughed."

She also mentions this "demonic activity" to the producers before laughing and saying, "I know its crazy, but its true!" Jennifer is convinced that there were "witches and warlocks and people who come against Christians" and "Satanic things happen through the nighttime" who were trying to "mess" with her while she was sleeping.  Then suddenly, the roommate mumbles, "Yes, that's what it is. Probably people in here have the spirits in them.


"Sure, the jail isn't the most peaceful place to be, but saying it's a demonic possession is a bit much, perhaps? 

Meanwhile, in other parts of the day, she does not display a very strong moral code of conduct as she continues to judge Shanese, the at-risk youth worker, who is unhappy with the food available at the pod. So far, Jennifer has been doing really well inside but is one of the most terrifying jails of America getting to her? 

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 60 Days In contestant inmate Jennifer says demon sex with her