'60 Days In': Undercover inmates enter one of the 'worst detention facilities' the show has ever seen

This season kicks off at the Etowah County Detention Center in  Alabama

                            '60 Days In': Undercover inmates enter one of the 'worst detention facilities' the show has ever seen

A&E's popular reality show '60 Days In' has kicked off in one of the most dangerous jails in America — the Etowah County Detention Center in  Alabama.

The series puts a group of men and women in jail as undercover inmates to get information about what goes on behind the scenes — and only a few staffers know the truth.

The network has called it the craziest season so far and the premiere definitely sets the tone for it. The jail has everything you can imagine that you'd stay away from normally — drugs, contraband, weapons, you name it.

It also has a severe shortage of correctional officers, which, according to the show is one officer for every 110 inmates. The show calls it one of "the worst" detention facilities they've seen. 

The undercover inmates include Alex, a student who is a political science major; Dennis, a former football star; Matt, a former marine and a fan of the show and Jacob, who worked as a corrections officer.

Among the female undercover inmates, there is cop Ashley, Jennifer, a former stripper and born again Christian and  Shanese, a teacher for at-risk youth.  

It's just the premiere but the lying has already begun. Ashley, a cop, in order to protect herself tells in her introduction that she's actually a coast guard and was with the army and does not reveal her true job.

After getting sent to jail as the first inmate among the women, she realizes that it was the best decision. "Because inmates have leaked information in the other seasons, I have decided to do this for my own protection," she says in the confessional. 

Matt is the first inmate among the boys to go inside and he regrets it instantly. The whole ordeal makes him nervous and he breaks down. "I should have just stayed a fan," he says through tears. 

There's animosity already brewing between the women and it will be interesting to see how the women, who hugged and kissed when they first met, will turn out to be. 

'60 Days In' airs at 9/8c on Thursdays on A&E.

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