$60,000 worth of surgeries later, 'human elf' says he will have his Adam's apple reduced and fangs added

Pleiadians are said to be alien life forms and the plastic man wants to look like the perfect specimen

                            $60,000 worth of surgeries later, 'human elf' says he will have his Adam's apple reduced and fangs added
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26-year-old Luis Padron from Buenos Aires is on a mission to look like a creature who is a mix of an alien and an elf, and he is willing to spend money to achieve it.

In his quest to look like the perfect Pleiadian, an alien life form that he thinks he is, Padron already spent between £45,000 - $60,000 on body modifications.

And he is willing to spend more money on surgeries to get the perfect look.

Padron doesn't just have pointy ears, however. He looks so unique that he could truly be mistaken for an alien life form with his enlarged eyes and the white hair. 

In the most recent operation that he went through, Padron had his jaw broken in five different places so that his face will look more like an "anime", a cartoon art form from Japan. He has now said that he is ready for more plastic surgeries.

Padron said: "In the future I want to do some more surgeries, for example an Adam's apple reduction and a cat eye shape."

In the future, he adds that he wants to get the colour of his eyes changed completely. This procedure is currently possible in the cosmetic surgery circles with intraocular implants.

Even though all these procedures make Padron look different from everyone around him, he insists that the dramatic transformation is for his and not anyone else's benefit.

He said: "I really don't dress like this to provoke a reaction, I dress like this because I want to be OK with me, I like to look like this, for me and not for the others. So reactions are OK but it really doesn't change my life if they react or not for how I look."

The elf is from Formosa, Argentina, and talks about his metamorphosis from human to elf to the Daily Mail: "When I was a teenager, I found these creatures called Pleiadians. They are perfect human beings from the space, they are a mixture between elves and aliens and they are very pale, they are very tall, they have this silver long hair and big, big eyes."

"I feel like I want to express how I feel inside, like a fantasy character, and take this to the outside world. I have around 40 procedures in total - some of them are really big and some of them are really small, I have spent around $60,000 in total."

In just a short span of five years, Padron, who is a self-described "plastic prince", has had so many surgeries that his transformation is impressive: six eye color change surgeries, two nose jobs, fillers were added many times and the tips of his ears were surgically modified to look pointy like an elf.

Padron is still recovering from the jaw surgery he had in South Korea and said: "They have to cut the bone in four parts then they removed a little part from the bone, they stick them together with 10 titanium nails that I have right now and then they make it really sharp like a diamond."

Talking about living life after the surgery, he said: "I had to eat for one month only liquids, it was very hard for me because I love eating! The jaw surgery was so important for me because it was one of the most important steps that I have to do to my face to make it look more fantasy-like."

Padron bleaches his hair to a silvery white on a regular basis. Recently, he cut his hair so that he could undergo a vampire hair line transplant which is when hair from the back of the head is transplanted to the front of the head. He wears a wig whenever he gets into elf costume.

He said: "During the last five years, at least once every week I have to bleach my hair to make it look white and I keep it very long. But I wanted to do a hair transplant so I have to cut it and let it grow back, so to keep maintaining my elf look I started using white wigs." 

The paper white complexion comes from regular use of products specialized for the face and SPF100 sun block. Online shopping is a given as Padron buys all his costumes and the special contact lenses for the different eye colors and patterns he uses from there.

He said: "I have a huge collection of 500 contact lenses and I use them all the time. I have different models, different colors, I am a huge, huge fan of them."

Padron's obsession with fantasy started when he was a child and he believed since then that elves and angels were living beside us in a fantasy world.

He said: "As a child I loved fantasy movies, also fantasy books like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, also cartoons, video games, that kind of stuff."

"I was a really timid child, I liked to play, to draw, and to see the things different, more enhanced and more colourful."

His 24-year-old sister Mariana remembers that her brother had dyed his hair an electric blue once when they were children.

She said: "When we were little he always colored his hair. And he used extravagant clothes. It was really funny because he was seven-years-old and had blue hair."

Padron was bullied very often as a child because of how he looked and he has broken out of that shell by becoming an elf.

He says it gives him confidence that he never imagined having when he was younger. He also says that if the public has a problem with how he looks then that's their problem and not his.

He said: "The reaction in public is really like polarized, some are good, some are bad, but most of them are just staring and looking. They usually want to take pictures and selfies with me, they treat me very well, like a real prince so I'm OK with that. Some of them are nasty but I think the problem is not with me, it is with them."