E.T. reunites with old friend Elliott in heartwarming Thanksgiving ad nearly 40 years after the movie brought them together

E.T. reunites with old friend Elliott in heartwarming Thanksgiving ad nearly 40 years after the movie brought them together
Henry Thomas (Source: IMDb)

Close to 40 years after he first graced screens across the world and was hailed as a timeless story of friendship, everyone's favorite alien E.T. has returned to a very different Earth.

The alien made a surprise appearance in a commercial for telecommunications Xfinity as part of their 'Reconnect for the Holidays' campaign and, unlike his first landing on the planet, is visiting on purpose.

In the four-minute odd video, E.T. lands his spaceship in the backyard of his now-grown-up pal Elliott — played by none other than Henry Thomas — and is surprised to find that his partner-in-crime has a family of his own. 

While Elliott's wife and children are surprised to see the bizarre-looking extraterrestrial in their front yard, he has no such qualms and gives his old friend a welcoming hug. E.T. has lost none of the magic that made him so special, reviving dead flowers as he walks into the human home.

He's introduced to the internet by Elliott's eager son, as well as the wonders of virtual reality, though he also indulges in the innocent pleasures of just hopping on to a sled and plowing through the snow.

It's not just Elliott who has grown up either, with one scene where E.T. longingly looks into a mystical orb implying that the alien, too, has a family of his own. Elliott, of course, is incredibly happy for his friend, and the pair share another emotional hug.

In a throwback that undoubtedly had most fans of the original close to tears, E.T. heads into the garage to dig out the bicycle that he and Elliott famously used to escape the government. Only this time, it's not a life or death situation.

He once again enchants the cycle and hops on for a joyride as Elliott's children experience for themselves the thrill of flying through a clear, moonlit sky on a chill, wintery night.

Eventually, E.T.'s visit comes to an end and he has to fly back home, though he does not leave without a final parting gift. He tells Elliott's son, "I'll be right here" while pointing at his heart before taking off, after which the young boy's shirt starts glowing.


When he looks in, he finds the mystical orb that E.T. was using to look at his family and finds that he can still see a projection of the alien.

If you didn't catch the Xfinity ad live, a truncated version will air during the Thanksgiving Day NFL games on CBS at 4.30 pm EST and on NBC at 8.20 pm.

Syfy will also run the ad in full in between airings of 'E.T.' on Thanksgiving Day.

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 40 years ET reunites old friend Elliott heartwarming Thanksgiving Day commercial