Will Donald Trump give up? Here are four signs that his fight to reverse election results is far from over

While the president has not found much support from the law, his loyalists are plotting to disrupt the congressional review of the EC vote in favor of Joe Biden next month

                            Will Donald Trump give up? Here are four signs that his fight to reverse election results is far from over
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President Donald Trump is yet to find his first success in overturning the results of the November 3 election that he lost to Democratic opponent Joe Biden and it is looking unlikely that he could pull a rabbit out of the hat in just over a month he has left in office. 

But a drama might not be written off yet and there are ample indications towards that even if Trump's own party and the SCOTUS have refused to back him blindly on the controversial matter. Four different instances that happened on Thursday, December 17, if not seen in isolation, will give enough hint that Trump’s hopes of turning things around are not yet dusted and each of those instances have one or another of the president’s staunch supporters at the center. 

Michael Flynn wants use of military to overturn results in swing states

The first sign became evident when former national security adviser Michael Flynn said on NewsMax TV that the president could use "military capabilities" to overturn the election results in the swing states. Flynn, who got the presidential pardon recently, advised Trump to suspend the Constitution under martial law and allow the armed forces to hold fresh elections. 


Peter Navarro says something needs to be done before Biden takes over

The second instance was seen a little later on Fox News when White House adviser and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Peter Navarro, said Biden would be an "illegal and illegitimate president". Navarro, who has backed Trump’s claims about voter fraud, published a report on Thursday, December 17, which said widespread irregularities might have snatched the election from the incumbent president. However, the report is based on allegations that have largely been quashed by the court and the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington — a nonpartisan ethics watchdog even criticized the veteran trade adviser for penning it and accused him of violating the Hatch Act of 1939. 

Peter Navarro with President Donald Trump and others (Getty Images)

While Navarro, 71, said on Fox it was up to Trump to hire a special prosecutor to pursue his case, he added: “We need to do something before inauguration day, otherwise we're gonna have an illegal and illegitimate president.” 


Kayleigh McEnany speaks on 'alternate' electors

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has also chipped in in support of her political boss. McEnany, who took over in April, said the EC’s confirmation of Biden as the president-elect was just “one step in the constitutional process” and refused to follow Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell conceding Biden’s victory

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany (Getty Images)

On December 17, speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, McEnany said the Congress could decide to ratify “alternate” electors in the swing states that voted for Biden, overruling the electors and throwing the election to the outgoing president. McEnany called Trump a “fighter” who will not let it go easily. 


Trump lauds Tommy Tuberville for backing him

Finally, it was Trump himself. The president came up with a tweet complimenting Alabama Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville after the latter said he would support the president’s efforts to overturn the election in the Congress. 

Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) (Getty Images)

“That’s because he is a great champion and man of courage. More Republican Senators should follow his lead. We had a landslide victory, and then it was swindled away from the Republican Party - but we caught them. Do something!” Trump’s tweet read.


In a video that surfaced on December 17, Tuberville, a former football player and coach who will succeed Dough Jones next month, said the Senate should support a challenge to the EC which has certified Biden’s win. The 66-year-old said he would back the challenge that Alabama Representative Mo Brooks has pledged to bring against the vote. If a senator joins the House member, it would require both the chambers to debate and then vote on the issue.

The EC result will be formally presented for a congressional review on January 6 and the Republican sympathizers of Trump are hell bent to enforce a debate over the result, marking an ugly period in the history of America’s presidential procedure next month.

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