3 head-scratching moments from the Royal Wedding

From sexual innuendos to a passionate black American priest giving a sermon at the wedding to confused guests, here's what happened

                            3 head-scratching moments from the Royal Wedding
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Source: Getty Images)

Wedding mishaps happen to everyone and, by that, I mean EVERYONE! The newly-officiated Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for those of you who still don't know) are also no exception to the rule.

The Archbishop of Canterbury said "sexual union" during the ceremony and everyone giggled nervously (Getty Images)

1. The Archbishop of Canterbury said "sexual union"

A royal wedding is no joke for the people involved who are not royals. There's a lot of planning and preparation to be done before the actual wedding day and the work must be incredibly tiring. The same goes for the Archbishop of Canterbury who will officiate the wedding. Aside from the Duke and Duchess if Sussex, he will probably be the most under pressure.

It is, precisely, for moments like this that everything is written down on paper so one does not forget even the smallest detail. When the speech was being delivered, the Archbishop said "sexual union" and this was enough to set off a few giggles in the crowd. Thankfully the moment passed very quickly but still. TMI, Mr. Archbishop.

2. Harry whispers "I will" and everyone laughs

It is tradition during weddings to say vows to each other about how you will love and take care of each other till "death do us part" and so on. The moment a couple says "I do" to each other is a sacred moment as it sealed the deal for both involved.

Today, May the 19th, was a big day for many around the world and more so for the royal family and Meghan Markle. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now officially married and there is much fanfare and happiness all around, not just in Britain but the rest of the world as well. Many eagle-eyed watchers were straining to hear Harry's pledge and ultimately everyone ended up laughing.

Michael Curry's speech and that left everyone confused (Getty Images)

3. Michael Curry's speech and that left everyone confused

Michael Curry is a black American pastor and when he gave a speech at the Royal Wedding today, it invoked all the emotions in the world and was met with a myriad of confused expressions from the crowd, who were quite stunned by the sheer spiritual fervor of the man of god. Especially that bit about "fire"!