Woman, 29, chops off her father’s genitals as revenge for years of sexual abuse: 'I slept well last night'

Woman, 29, chops off her father’s genitals as revenge for years of sexual abuse: 'I slept well last night'
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A 29-year-old woman has been arrested after she allegedly chopped off her father’s genitals with a bread knife. The Thai woman claimed that she was abused by her father, identified as Kasem Bunyachon, for years ever since she started living with him since she was ten years old. The woman, whose name has not been released, reportedly took the drastic step as revenge after years of abuse.

The accused was reportedly arrested on Wednesday, June 17, after local police found CCTV footage showing the woman disposing the bloody knife used in the act in a supermarket bin. She was found by police while wandering the streets of Bangkok. Later that day, her 58-year-old father’s body was also found by police at his home in Lak Si district. His forehead had a knife wound and his genitals were completely chopped off. The woman was then taken to a local police station, where she told reporters as reported by The Sun, “I slept well last night and I want those in the child prostitution business to be punished. Covering evidence turns good guys bad.” While police said they were not able to get a rational witness statement from her.

According to reports, when the woman’s mother arrived to collect the victim’s body, she told officials that her daughter was in her father’s care for three years from the age of ten. The mother reportedly described her ex-husband as “violent” and accused him of “immensely hurting” the 29-year-old as a child. She also claimed that the father’s abuse towards his daughter made her addicted to alcohol and drugs and her mind was “broken” from substance abuse.

The mother added: “She is the daughter of the offender. No mother can bear it.”

Reports claimed that the suspect was initially admitted to the Srithanya mental hospital, but doctors later said she was fine enough to face prosecution. However, investigators said that they were unable to make progress with the accused at this time. Meanwhile, police Lieutenant Colonel Pornphraphaphon Sonso said that the police officials had a duty to care for the woman as well as to investigate the case.

In a similar incident, a North Carolina woman allegedly cut off her husband’s genitals after tying him up. According to reports, the incident happened in September 2019 when Victoria Thomas Frabutt allegedly tied her husband, James, and used a knife to remove his genitals. However, the incident did not kill the 61-year-old.

Frabutt reportedly told a 911 operator that she used a pruner, “good for pruning roses”, to cut off James’ genitals. She also said, “I couldn't even get enough blood to make the sign of the cross, or write sinner, or anything like that." Though police at the time did not say what prompted Frabutt to amputate her husband’s private parts, she did tell her husband’s suffering was “part of the message against sinning against God and fornication”. The accused was later charged with kidnapping and malicious castration. Her bond was set at $500,000, while her husband was being treated at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina.

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