24 cats rescued in California from sweltering car which had reached temperature of 118 degrees

The cats in the parked vehicle had no food or water and there was a 3-cm opening for air circulation

                            24 cats rescued in California from sweltering car which had reached temperature of 118 degrees
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ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA: Twenty four cats were rescued from a parked vehicle outside the Quality Inn Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California, where the temperature reached 91 degrees on Sunday, April 26. The inside temperature of the car was 118 degrees when the felines were freed.

A press release from the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA (IVHS) stated that the two dozen cats “had no water or fresh food in the Honda Civic in which they were trapped.” The media release also stated that the rescue operation was conducted after an employee of the Quality Inn informed about the trapped animals to the Ontario Police Department, which later contacted IVHS for help.

The IVHS workers soon responded to the scene and found at least eight cats confined inside the car. They also noticed a potent smell escaping from the car. However, when they examined inside the trunk and main cabin of the vehicle, they discovered a total of 24 cats.

The animal shelter’s Facebook page described the interior of the vehicle as “excrement infested”. “Temperature readings identified that the inside of the vehicle was 118 degrees and climbing with only one window cracked a total of three centimeters for air circulation,” the press release said.

“Humane Officers were able to get the vehicle’s passenger door open and immediately identified several more cats and only urine-saturated food available to them with no signs of drinking water,” it added.

As per reports, after the rescue, the cats were transported to the humane society’s veterinary hospital to be re-hydrated and assessed. “Our veterinarians are committed to helping every one of these kitties regain health and strength!” the facility said in the social media post.

Later, the vehicle’s owner was identified as a guest of the hotel, however, his name was not disclosed to the public. The owner reportedly surrendered the cats and was issued 24 citations on suspicion of crimes against animals and counts of leaving an animal in a vehicle.

Meanwhile, IVHS social media manager Mansha Kaur said that the animals, most of them were between 4 and 5 years old, but a few were kittens, were recovering well and available for adoption or fostering as of Monday evening, April 27. “We treat the animals and give them all the medications they need, but there is nothing better for them than the love they would receive in a new home,” Kaur added.

The society is also seeking donations for the animals’ care and rehabilitation. “Our officers are still relentlessly caring for the animals of our community every single day. We need your financial support now more than ever during this challenging time. If you would like to donate so we can care for the animals of our community like THESE CATS who need medical supervision and rehabilitation, please click the “donate” link below,” Facebook post of the shelter read.

It has also urged people to take care of animals. “Please DO NOT leave animals alone in a vehicle. t is illegal and they can experience severe trauma and irreparable damage when temperatures reach certain levels (85 degrees outside is 119 degrees in a vehicle). Please keep the pets of our community safe and report any animals under dangerous conditions,” the society added.

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