#BoycottWB trends as furious fans slam shocking new Batman, Superman details

Social media users got furious over the new rumor as they slammed the Warner Brothers for ruining the DC universe

                            #BoycottWB trends as furious fans slam shocking new Batman, Superman details
Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman (Photos by IMDb)

While Marvel fans are thoroughly relishing the new Spider-Man movie titled ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, it looks like DC fans might have to wait for a while before their favorite characters Batman and Superman get on the big screen. A new rumor ensued chaos on the Internet over the weekend after film critic, and YouTuber Grace Randolph dropped shocking revelations for the DC fans.
The acclaimed comic book writer posted a series of tweets hinting that Batgirl might be the new Batman and the Supergirl will replace the red-caped Superman. This quickly led to a meltdown amongst DC Extended Universe (DCEU) fans as the hashtag ‘#BoycottWB’ gained momentum on Twitter. Social media users got furious over the new rumor as they slammed the Warner Brothers for ruining the DC universe. DCEU centers their characters appeared in comic books by DC Comics, produced by DC Films, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.
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Will 2022 see the end of DCEU?

Kickstarting a debate, Grace Randolph first tweeted, “#TheFlash Batfleck’s final appearance. Old footage of Cavill used on TV. New Justice League formed. Supergirl is new Superman. Keaton working w/ Black Canary, picks Batgirl as new Batman. This is new DC, let’s be open minded & give it a fair shot.” She then dropped further hints, “The Keaton / Black Canary / Batgirl stuff obviously happens in her movie, to clarify.”
Grace then added that it was draining and no fun to cover all the upcoming DC movies from a hateful perspective. She posted, “It’s absolutely no fun to cover all these upcoming #DC movies from a hateful perspective - it’s just too draining. So, yeah, to give you my perspective. I’m gonna try my best to soldier on.” Apart from the Batman and Superman controversy, DCEU recently hinted about their character Flash. New rumors reveal that The Flash will erase every movie director Zack Snyder has directed for the DC Extended Universe from its continuity.










‘F**k Warner Bros for ruining DC’, says Twitter

Social media users brutally dragged DCEU as one of the fans said, “Never would I have thought I’d be at the point of considering not seeing a new Batman movie in theaters but WB really forcing me to full boycott mode #BoycottWB”. Another asked, “Be "open minded" about terrible toxic ideas?” as one stated, “RIP #DCEU!! Not interested in what WB is cooking up right now !!” The next one shared, “It is time to #BoycottWB @warnerbros @hbomax all of you are full of s**t. All your DC projects will be failures.”
One individual tweeted, “As soon as they started promoting the new superman and the sexuality, i knew their whole line was going down the tubes. They are catering to 1% of the population, as opposed to those who watch and BUY their product.”  Meanwhile, another said, “F**k Warner bros for ruining DC. Im out.” One added, “What Warner Brothers fails to understand is that Snyderverse fans aren’t just people in their teens and older, but millions of boys and girls around the world. By erasing the initial films, they are f**king with little kids who have grown wit Batfleck and Henry Cavil.” While one concluded, “We’ve been telling all of you for a long time… Warner Bros. and Walter Hamada have only ever been planning on erasing everything Zack Snyder has created in the DCEU. Why would we ever support their endeavors or this movie? These idiots will not get one cent from me.”


















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