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'2020 Rescue' #1: Pepper Potts suits up to try and bring Tony Stark back to life in an emotional issue

An emotion-filled comic supplemented with crisp writing and stellar artwork
UPDATED MAR 19, 2020
(Dana Schwartz and Jacen Burrows/Marvel Comics)
(Dana Schwartz and Jacen Burrows/Marvel Comics)

Spoiler alert for '2020 Rescue' #1

Pepper Potts has always been Tony Stark's Girl Friday. And for all the color and the quirky tech that we see in '2020 Rescue' #1, there's also a sense of sympathy that creeps in.

After Tony's death, the most important question is why Pepper is so keen on bringing him back. The idea is simple: Clone Tony again and while the reasons are still unknown, it's probably because they wanted to build a better version this time around. 

Right off the bat: This is not Pepper's greatest story. If anything, it's a look at how she's the one on the job to create a new and improved Tony. The Dana Schwartz-written issue is a reminder of the staggering success Pepper was before joining Stark Industries.

And while at it, the comic also gives a look at the two layers she has been popularly significant— caring and sensitive. 

The comic starts off with some flashbacks and then switches to the present where she suits up in her Rescue armor with HAPPY (Hosted Analogue Program Pre Y2K) serving as the AI.

The mission is to get a lock of hair from Amanda Armstrong, Tony's biological mother. There's also a minor storyline that sees humans being enslaved by robots.

However, it's more of a fun plotline that lends an element of humor in the otherwise emotion-filled issue. The storyline isn't much. HYDRA's attempts to stop Pepper from her mission are quickly thwarted. 

'2020 Rescue' #1 boasts of some solid artwork though. Artist Jacen Burrows and color artist Peter Pantazis do an impressive job in making the comic a colorful affair.

The suit is a treat as it confirms it was made for different purposes and is vastly different from Iron Man armors. The opening montage of her past sets the platform for a solid storyline. Pepper makes a strong case for herself and hopefully, the upcoming issues build on it. 

'2020 Rescue #1' credits

Writer: Dana Schwartz

Artist: Jacen Burrows

Color Artist: Peter Pantazis

Cover: Paco Medina and Jesus Aburtov