2020 Billboard Music Awards: BTS win Top Social Artist for fourth time, fans hail them for 'world domination'

The band achieved their fourth consecutive win in the category by beating EXO, GOT7, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande

                            2020 Billboard Music Awards: BTS win Top Social Artist for fourth time, fans hail them for 'world domination'
BTS (Getty Images)

South Korean K-pop sensations BTS have once again won big at the Billboard Music Awards! This year, at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards ceremony which took place in Los Angeles, BTS won their fourth consecutive Top Social Artist award, a fan-voted category. They were nominated alongside EXO, GOT7, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande.

In no time, the hashtags #BTSxBBMAs and #BTS_Dynamite started to trend worldwide on Twitter with fans of the boy band congratulating them for winning the category four years in a row. A BTS "stan" account tweeted, "Here is BTS our legend the world domination, @BTS_twt Congrats for Top Social Artist award at Billboard Music Awards four years in a row! Proud of you," while another, talking about BTS member V aka Kim Tae-hyung, said "Kim Tae-hyung's power is now blaring red signals matching his outfit. Shortly after the performance, his unrivaled visuals & performance are taking a toll on the locals, rendering them seeking for more. The ultimate stan attractor is now in full gear once more." Another fan, quoting V, tweeted about Kim Tae-hyung writing, ""It's like those two seconds matter so much, there's no wasted moment, everything has intention, has purpose". Honestly I'll never let go of these words because they ring so true. Each time Kim Taehyung performs I'll be reminded of them. #BTSxBBMAs."

Another BTS Army "stan" account, talking about the win, wrote, "Being on vacay I found a way to see the #BTSxBBMAs & my six year old cousin ran into the room & yelled "BTS" & sat down & said he loved JK...Y’ALL I DID NOT KNOW THIS. My little cuz is a JK stan & is an ARMY. Omg I’m not alone."









Another BTS fan, talking about the K-pop group's 'Dynamite' performance following the win, said, "In normal circumstances they would have been here with us, but since they can’t...they performed at the airport. I don’t even know where to begin," while another fan simply added, "BTS WON BBMAs Top Social Artist Award for four consecutive years...LEGENDS WELCOME BACK!" More fans tweeted about the performance, like this one user who expressed, "BTS are so powerful they really rented an airport, a palace, national museum and Grand Central Terminal just to film their performances," while a different user said, "Incheon Airpot is currently trending in the U.S. Their branding power is insane!"








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