2020 BET Hip Hop Awards: Is Chico Bean bald? Viewers say comedian 'looks like Predator'

2020 BET Hip Hop Awards: Is Chico Bean bald? Viewers say comedian 'looks like Predator'
Chico Bean (Getty Images)

The 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards are underway. While fans await the announcement of this year's winners, there's something else that has caught their attention: comedian Chico Bean's hairline. The 33-year-old rapper is hosting this year's award show along with Karlous Miller and DC Young Fly. The trio is part of the comedy supergroup 85 South.

Pointing out Chico's hairstyle, one Twitter user wrote, "Bruh Chico Bean's braids killing me lol," while another said, "Why the f**k is Chico Bean playing with me and this damn hairline LMFAO." A viewer added, "Bruh Chico Bean might be one of my new favorite comedians. My s**t receding too but he 'bout have me living my childhood dreams of having braids/dreads."






A different user, comparing Chico's look to the title character from the 'Predator' film series, tweeted, "Chico Bean looking like Predator," while another user said, "Watching the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards...Chico Bean wearing a snap back but his head so big it can’t snap!!!" One more user added, "Chico Bean head made up like ole boy and I can’t."






Who is Chico Bean?

Chico Bean, whose real name is Anthony Jamal Bean, is a comedian, actor, singer, writer, rapper, and producer. He's best known for being one of the recurring cast members on the improv comedy show 'Wild 'N Out' on MTV, VH1 and MTV2. He is also known for creating and starring in 'The Freestyle Funny Comedy Show' alongside former cast members Darren Brand and B-Daht. Chico is also a part of the podcast '85 South Show' with cast members DC Young Fly and Karlous Miller.

A seasoned comedian, Chico began his career in North Carolina and, after having a successful run as an opener for Chris Wiles, performed stand-up at numerous comedy clubs, colleges, and universities. Later, after performing a set for Nick Cannon's 'Fresh Faces of Comedy', Chico received an audition for the fifth season of 'Wild 'N Out'. He has been a cast member ever since. His 'Sucka MC Battles' with cast member  Miller, and his Wildstyle battle with rapper Safaree, became very popular. Chico had a guest appearance on the game show 'Trivial Takedown' on TruTv in November 2017.

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