20 reasons why 'The 40-year-old Virgin' is still funny for the snowflake generation

As the flick makes a comeback on the small screen, here are 20 reasons why 'The 40-year-old Virgin' is still so funny.

                            20 reasons why 'The 40-year-old Virgin' is still funny for the snowflake generation
The 40-year-old Virgin (Source: Getty Images)

If you haven't noticed already 'The 40-year-old Virgin' is streaming on Netflix this month and it is still as funny as ever! The 2005 Steve Carell, Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd starrer sex comedy is hilarious to say the least and what makes it such a great film, even years later is the fact that it's still so relatable - especially in the snowflake generation. The beauty of this film lies in the way it's written - slapstick, situational and gross comedy capsuled together. 

As the flick makes a comeback on the small screen, here are 20 reasons why 'The 40-year-old Virgin' is still so funny.

1. Because in the age of 'say-what-you-mean' Andy's honesty doesn't offend anyone - simply because it is what it is, not because of any innuendos (even though he sounds super dirty)

2. The film, though it was a sex comedy did give us a taste of what social anxiety feels like. As people grow more and more conscious about mental health, the very real pressure of meeting society's standards of charming the opposite gender is revealed through the character of Andy. 

3. The outdated idea of sex - and the pressure to lose your flower to someone is glaringly clear in the film. It's a classic example of how it shouldn't be. 

4. It's such a descriptive piece on how people got laid/found love/friendships in the times before social media and dating apps. If it were 2018, Andy would have never met his love - because she would never be buying a VCR, Leslie Mann's drunk episode in the car wouldn't exist because they would call an Uber and Andy would be busy on the phone Instagramming a story, never investing the time with some nice face to face chats with his friends!It's like the film points towards what the generation today desperately wants to find - a real connection. It hits me with nostalgia every single time!

5. It allows the characters to make mistakes - which is secretly who the snowflake generation is behind closed doors and all the judgment - real people who are allowed to find what works and doesn't work for them. 

6. Because it decodes bromance - there is no sign of that awkward over the top masculinity in the film. It is all about the real feelings that male friendships have - awkwardness, curiosity and a whole lot of underlying occurrences that make them human. It's comforting for them adolescents to know that it's okay to be vulnerable. 

7. It's made paranoia free - and it shows. It wasn't made to offend and neither was it made to not offend - it was made just for some laughs - which is exactly what it delivers. 

8. As much as I hate to point it out, women are still seen as sexual conquests and that isn't something that is offensive - in fact, to bring it up makes people defensive - so we're all good there.

9. Because it says the truth to our faces - we are all scared of love and we just won't admit it.

10. Well, no one is too handsome, no one is too charming and no one is without flaws - something that would have become questionable had the trio been close to perfect and insecure. 

11. The trio is neither cynical or condescending - the film only aims to be funny as hell! 

12. It is a clear sign on how to identify your toxic masculine friends - if they make you feel bad about yourself, cut them off!

13. Because who says you've to be embarrassed about being a virgin?! I personally love Andy's confession - not over the top, not a scream in your face but just the way it is. 

14. It really has no hate towards cross-dressing and role play - the film is cool even if you wanna do it with Ironman or even Thor (strange love towards the 'Avengers')

15. Because waxing your chest is still painful as hell! The scene where Andy decides to go get a body wax is one of the most painful scenes in the films - all that hair, all that pulling and the red patches so clearly seen - ow! And to think the whole scene was very much real!

16. Because Mortal Kombat doesn't really offend anyone - right?

17. It tackles middle age virginity and sexual health like no one ever has - with humor, with sensitivity and loads of awkward honesty.

18. Because the script was so solid, the entire generation wouldn't run out of things to quote on! "I respect women! I respect them so much that I completely stay away from them!" - Andy

19. Andy isn't afraid of calling out "Kelly Clarkson" in times of need - something that was seen as totally absurd then, but is okay now - you are allowed to like whoever you want and scream whoever's name as long as you don't hurt anyone. 

20. Lastly, if you're lonely when you're 40, it reminds one of the wisdom that came forth, "Man what are you talking about? 40s are the new 20s!"
Still funny as ever.