ARRESTED: Machete-wielding girl forced ex-boyfriend to have sex with her and then urinated on his bed!

Samantha Mears, 19, is accused of holding the weapon throughout the attack in which she removed her underwear, crawled on top of her victim and engaged in sexual intercourse.

                            ARRESTED: Machete-wielding girl forced ex-boyfriend to have sex with her and then urinated on his bed!
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A 19-year-old girl, identified by Montana authorities as Samantha Ray Mears, was arrested for sexually assaulting her ex-boyfriend and threatening him with a machete. The police reported that Mears, who has a history of domestic violence, broke into her ex-boyfriend's residence and forced him to have sex with her after ordering him to undress in front of her.

Citing the absurdity of this case, which happened last Friday in Great Falls, Mears has been charged with criminal mischief, assault, unlawful restraint, aggravated burglary and assault with a weapon. Additional charges such as sexual intercourse without consent could follow, police said. 

In April, Mears was charged with felony strangulation for allegedly assaulting the same victim. 

According to the criminal complaint that was filed with law enforcement authorities, Mears, reportedly entered the house of her ex on 2nd Avenue Northwest while he was away and waited until he returned. 

KFBB reported that the 19-year-old allegedly ambushed her ex-boyfriend from behind his bedroom door with a machete in her hands as he entered his residence. Subsequently, she ordered him to take off his clothes and bed with her while pointing the machete to his neck.

According to the complaint, the victim, who refuses to be named, said he did not feel he could retreat from the room without being harmed by Mears, and so he complied with the woman's demands out of fear for his safety.

While still holding the weapon in her hands, Mears took off her pants and straddled her ex-boyfriend, going on to have sex with him, according to the said report. 

Even after the male victim tried to get her to stop, the 19-year-old aggressor reportedly bit his arm and continued to have sex with him pointing the machete at him.

Mears has been charged with aggravated burglary and assault with a weapon (Great Falls Police Department)

However, the victim was able to capture several photos of the accused sitting naked on the bed brandishing the machete, which he later submitted to the authorities, as evidence of her crime.

Immediately after, Mears allegedly ripped off a piece of trim from the wall of her ex-boyfriend's bedroom and urinated on his bed after getting into a heated argument with him.

At some point, the male victim heard his sister enter the home and so he texted her to leave the house.

At around 11 pm, he was able to dial 911 at one point after telling Mears he was calling "Doug", a friend of his, so she wouldn't know he was calling for help. He took the opportunity to back out of the room and escape with his sister, reported Great Falls Tribune.

That being said, Mears told law enforcement authorities when they arrived that she had been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, who handed her the machete for self-defense.

Officers who responded to the scene noted that the 19-year-old suspect appeared to be in a confused state and was suffering from some kind of mental health problem.

The duo had been together for about seven years before they broke up, according to court documents. Just 19 days prior to the incident, Mears had been arrested for allegedly assaulting and strangling her ex-boyfriend.

Before her previous arrest in April, Mears got into an argument with the said victim, grabbed his hair, and hit him in the face. However, he was able to get her off him, "but was hesitant about physically protecting himself, as he thought he would get into legal trouble if he did."

But the argument continued, and Mears reportedly began strangling him by pressing her thumbs on his windpipe, according to authorities.

As of now, the crazed 19-year-old female is being held on a  $50,000 bond in the Cascade County Jail and has been ordered by the court to stay away from her ex.