17-year-old girl scout bleeds to death in her boyfriend's arms after being knifed in the back by balaclava-clad gang inside park

17-year-old girl scout bleeds to death in her boyfriend's arms after being knifed in the back by balaclava-clad gang inside park

Jodie Chesney, a 17-year-old girl scout, was stabbed in the back at a park in Romford, Essex on Friday. She was with her boyfriend Eddie Coyle who tried to save her by forcing her to stay awake. However, Jodie died in his arms.

She was reportedly attacked by a gang who were wearing balaclava and she is said to have been stabbed so hard that the weapon snapped, leaving the blade lodged in her body.

The attack took place at 9.20 pm and a witness, Teresa Farenden, who lived across from the park, heard screams for help from the boyfriend.  

According to The Sun, Teresa said, "It was like being in a horror movie. When I got there, she was breathing but it was very shallow, she was groaning and there was a slight pulse. There was so much blood. I told the ambulance lady ‘She needs a blood transfusion, make sure they bring blood’. We tried to compress the wound to stop the bleeding but there was just so much."

She also added, "The boyfriend was holding her and kissing her face. He was whispering and begging her, ‘Please, please stay awake’."

Teresa also recalled, "The ambulance arrived and I told the 999 call handler. She asked me to stay on the phone until the crew had reached us in the park. And in that moment the girl died. I turned to look at her and my friend, who had come to help, just said, ‘We’ve lost her’.”

A source was also quoted recounting the incident, "They all had balaclavas covering their faces apart from one. Something ended up kicking off and that is when one of them pulled out the knife. Totally unprovoked."


Friday also marked Jodie's father's birthday. The teenager stayed with her father Peter and stepmother Joanne in Dagenham. While the family did not comment on the same, Jodie's grandmother took to Facebook to post about her granddaughter. She wrote, "This was our youngest granddaughter. How have we come to this point where kids can’t have a walk in a park without suffering an unprovoked attack? If anyone knows anything about this please contact the police with information. We don’t want anyone else to go through what our family is suffering right now. This has to stop, there are too many young people having their lives cut short by needless violence."

Eddie's mother's partner told Daily Mail that he was 'in pieces'. "Jodie was the nicest, loveliest and kindest person you could meet with everything to look forward to in life. I don't know how long it will take Eddie to come back from this. To have to witness what he did is devastating," he said.

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