'16 and pregnant' stars: Where are they now?

'16 and pregnant' stars: Where are they now?

When MTV announced the show '16 and pregnant' in the year 2009, fans could not wait to be a part of all the chaos and drama. The show did face some backlash when it came to glorifying pregnancy, but the show was able to pull off five very successful seasons of the show and also several 'Teen Mom' spinoffs. While the spinoffs certainly have captured the audience's attention and is a constant source of media chatter, the original '16 and pregnant' cast got brushed to the background. It's time we knew where are the girls on the show now. 

Take a look at what happened to the '16 and Pregnant' stars: 

1) Kayla Jordan  


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Kayla appeared on season 2 of '16 and pregnant' after she got knocked up by her high school boyfriend J.R. who proposed to her on the show. She was very upset at the fact that her season of '16 and pregnant did not get a spinoff. Kayla went on to have another son, Bryce, with another man named Zach Bedwell and also got engaged. However, that did not work out for the couple and Kayla met another man Dakota Jones. The couple got married and she announced in April that she was expecting baby number three! 

2) Lizzie Waller 

Lizzie Waller also appeared on season 2 of '16 and pregnant' with her at the time boyfriend Skylar Sickles. She gave birth to a baby girl in 2010 and the couple got married shortly after. According to Wikipedia, "Lizzie is currently engaged to Dave Mortensen who, himself, has three children; the couple was expecting a baby in June 2018". Her private Facebook page also gives her name as Lizzie Mortensen. Lizzie is choosing to be away from all the spotlight and is successfully doing so. 

3) Jamie McKay 


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McKay appeared on season 3 of the show and was an honor student and on the student council. She got pregnant by her boyfriend Ryan McElrath with whom she had a very rocky relationship with. He would frequently fight with her mother about his behavior. He would often ignore McKay and was not there when she went into labor. She showed up later totally hungover since he apparently had been cheating on her. The pair also had a nasty custody battle and there were many accusations of drinking and cocaine. 

Despite the custody battle, they got back together in the year 2012 and eventually had a second child in 2015. They split up shortly after and McKay started seeing a man named David. The couple got engaged and gave birth to their first child in June 2018. 

4) Valerie Fairman 

Valerie was on season 2 of the show and was a gorgeous girl with a bad temper. She had many problems with her baby daddy Matt Pryce and had to get a DNA test to prove the child was his. She also allegedly assaulted her mother shortly after the season's filming and was pretty much bullied online for everything. In the year 2015, she got arrested for prostitution and also struggled with drug addiction. She tragically overdosed in her friend's bathroom leaving behind a daughter who now lives with her grandmother. 

5) Megan McConnell 



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Megan was a favorite of season 2 and her life was centered around her boyfriend's ability to get a job and his crazy obsession with video games. They had a son together in the year 2010 and got married in 2011 only to get divorced. She recently announced the birth of her second child with a man named Chase Eubanks on April 13. 

6) Jennifer Del Rio  

Del Rio was on season 3 of '16 and pregnant' and was expecting a child with her fiance at the time Josh Smith. The couple had twin boys and their relationship ended with a physical fight which resulted in Smith getting arrested. They were in a nasty custody battle and both requested restraining orders against each other. Del Rio is currently married to Luis Gutierrez and the pair have a son and a daughter together. 

7) Maddy Godsey 


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Maddy was on season 5 and had gotten pregnant after a one night stand. She had hooked up on a rebound with Cody Jensen after a breakup and was struggling to look for a home since her mother would allow her and the baby in the house for only a month after its birth. Maddy attempted to make things work with Jenson but he proved to be useless and cheated on her. She is raising her daughter on her own and is still single. She was able to move out on her own with her daughter Aubrey. 

8) Ashley Salazar 

Ashley appeared on season 2 of the show and she and her boyfriend Justin Lane struggled with whether they should be giving their baby up for adoption. Her aunt and uncle offered to adopt the baby which they decided was the best option. Salazar and Lane got engaged in 2014 but they, unfortunately, suffered from a miscarriage. The couple successfully had a son in the year 2017 and Ashley also published a book called #BittersweetBlessing. 

9) Nikkole Paulun 

This season 2 star had a lot of drama with her boyfriend Josh Drummond. They had a son in the year 2009 and their relationship was rocked by Drummond's unfaithful ways. In the year 2015, Nikkole had a baby girl with Ryan Rice who was her boyfriend at the time. She and Drummond patched up when he was released in 2016 but split up again in 2017. She is raising her two children and hopes to stay as far away from Drummond as possible. 

10) Jordan Cashmyer 

Jordan starred on season 5 along with her boyfriend Derek Taylor and was kicked out by her parents for refusing to break up with him. The couple was homeless and she shared temporary custody with her parents. She also turned to drugs and escorting and gave temporary custody to Taylor's parents. She attempted suicide in the year 2014 and stayed in the hospital for mental health issues. She also checked into a rehab in 2016 but was arrested twice in 2017 for drug-related charges. 

11) Autumn Crittendon 

She starred on season 5 and had a baby with her boyfriend Dustin Franklin. The couple had issues from the very beginning and Crittendon was not sure about what kind of a father Franklin would make given that he smoked a lot of pot. She and her older sister were pregnant at the same time and they all lived together. In the year 2017, she met the man of her dreams and they got married a month later. She asked fans to donate money to her so that she could repair her house and started a GoFundMe page but her fundraising effort was badly mocked. 

12) Whitney Purvis  



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Whitney featured on season one and unfortunately was one of the two girls who did not make it to the 'Teen-Mom' follow-up. She and her boyfriend at the time Lewis Gosa welcomed a son in the year 2009. Whitney's mother was also pregnant at the time. She and Gosa separated but got back together and had a second son in 2014. According to her Instagram account, she is now an aspiring chef. 

13) Ebony Jackson 


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Ebony was on season one of the show and had plans to join the air force. She got married to her boyfriend and moved to a military base in Little Rock. In 2011, she and her boyfriend were arrested on grounds of child endangerment and drugs and the authorities found the family living in despicable conditions. Their child was removed from their custody and Ebony went to rehab. The couple had a second child but are no longer together. Ebony is now clean and is currently a dog trainer in Colorado. 

14) Markai Durham 

She was just not able to catch a break while she appeared on season 2. Her boyfriend James had cheated on her and she would get violent with him on the show. After getting pregnant for the second time with James, she had an abortion. Durham shared that she regretted her decision and was able to successfully have a child in the year 2013. As of 2018, she was pregnant with a third baby and is a dental assistant at the Concorde Career College.

15) Izabella Tovar 


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Unlike many others, Tovar had a ton of support but seemed very ungrateful while appearing on season 3 of the show. She hid her pregnancy for many months from her family but still had their support after coming clean. Her boyfriend Jairo Rodriguez really loved her but that did not really affect her. They got engaged in the year 2011 and had another child in 2014. She was able to get her bachelors in psychology from the University of Utah. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced in January 2018. 

16) Christina Cook 

Season 3 fans were all rooting for Cook and her boyfriend Isaiah Robinson. Robinson rejected a college football scholarship to take care of his daughter. However, the family drama was too much and Cook was forced to take a paternity test and this was beginning to the end of their marriage. The couple broke up and Cook revealed that he chose not to be in their daughter's life. Cook fell in love with a man named Dalonte Wallace and they had a baby girl together in the year 2013. 

17) Aubrey Wolters 


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Aubrey was a high school drop out and had a baby with Brandon Akerril in season 5. The couple chose to get married and were very determined to make things work. However, her independent nature made her question whether she wanted to be a housewife. Once she finished her GED, the couple split up and in 2011 she was arrested on a drug possession and for shoplifting. She went on to find a new baby daddy named Zach in the year 2013 and had a third child in the year 2017. 

18) Nicole Fokos

Nicole appeared on season 2 and had a baby with her boyfriend Tyler Keller. She was quite drama free and chose to remain away from the spotlight. Nicole and Keller split up and neither graduated from high school. Unfortunately, Nicole was struggling with substance abuse and lost custody of her daughter. She decided to stop and get sober and was able to get her GED. In the year 2016, she had her second daughter with her boyfriend Kenny Navarro and the couple got married in the year 2018. 

19) Samantha Hernandez 

She appeared on season 2 of the show and was dating Eric Salinas when she got pregnant. However, Samantha's mother did not approve of Salinas and she forbade her from seeing him. Salinas mother would arrange secret meetings between the pair and that is what resulted in the pregnancy. The couple attempted to live together but had to move back to their parents. Both Samantha and her daughter moved in with Salinas but she returned to her own home. She was quite that jealous that Salinas was able to take college classes and she was not. 

20) Emilie McKenzie 

Emilie appeared on season 2 of the show and had very conservative parents. She was kicked out by her mother for not having an abortion and so she went to live with her dad who was equally bad. She got expelled from school for missing classes and had to be homeschooled. She was definitely not happy with the way her life had turned out or so it seemed. Her baby daddy Daniel Peterson got a scholarship to a college in Alabama and she followed him. However, the couple got divorced in the year 2013. 

21) Brooke Smitherman 


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Brooke was one of the strongest teens on season 2 of the show. She and her boyfriend Cody Tarrant met at a race track and two years later she got pregnant. Her parents were supportive and the couple got married early on in her pregnancy. The couple also had a second daughter in 2012 but despite their best efforts ended up getting a divorce in the year 2015.

22) Felicia Cooke 

Felicia was also on season 2 of the show and had a baby with Alex Gutierrez. Her family really wanted her to be the first one to graduate high school and so post her pregnancy, she was dedicated to receiving her high school diploma. She got pregnant for the second time with Alex but they were not in a relationship. She has kept everything on the down low and has been off social media since 2016. 

23) Kristina Head 


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Kristina appeared on season 4 of the show. She had a tragic start to her story and her baby daddy almost drowned. She did not have enough drama for a spin off and was a single mother. Shortly after filming, she met T.J. Head and got married. She had two children in the years 2013 and 2014. 

24) Jordan Zeplin 


Jordan appeared on season 4 and got pregnant with her boyfriend Tyler Zeplin. The couple was interracial and this worried her that her family would have issues with their relationship. However, the couple had a baby girl in the year 2014 and got married in the year 2015. They had their third child in the year 2017. She now runs a cake decorating store. 

25) Summer Rewis 


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Summer was on season 5 of the show and got pregnant with her boyfriend of three years. She got married to her baby daddy Daniel James and they tried to make all the good and right choices. The couple had a second baby in the year 2016 and got married. However, James cheated on her and Summer attacked his mistress and totally beat her up. Summer still chose to stay with him despite the cheating scandal. 


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