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Michigan teen, 15, fatally stabs her mother during an argument, surrenders after family steps in

According to the police, mother and daughter were both armed with knives during the argument
(Representational picture, Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
(Representational picture, Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: A 15 -year-old teenager fatally stabbed her mother in the chest and neck during an argument in front of their house on Thursday, October 13, in the Detroit University district of Wildemere Avenue. According to Detroit Police Commander Micheal McGinnis, the teenager had initially fled the scene but her family got her to turn herself in later.

The teenager is being held in a juvenile detention center in Detroit. She also sustained some minor injuries in the incident and it is unclear if she will face any charges if she reacted in self-defense.


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As per FOX 2, McGinnis said, "What we know is there was an argument and there were knives brought into the equation." Speaking about the culprit, he said, "She did leave the scene immediately following the incident, however, the family was very helpful in getting her to surrender."

The 41-year-old woman's father was driving into the home as the stabbing took place and he quickly rushed her to a hospital. However, the woman succumbed to her injuries. McGinnis said, "I have incredible sorrow for the entire family because you now have a daughter, a 15-year-old, who's been involved in the most traumatic event imaginable."

According to the police, the mother and daughter both were armed with knives, one was a kitchen knife while the other had an unnamed type. "It could be a situation where there is mutual combativity, it will be a tough case for the prosecutor to review," McGinnis said. Both the mother and daughter do not have any criminal record or history of any sort of diagnosed mental health issues. The incident was reportedly a typical parent-child disagreement.

In a statement, McGinnis said, "I would just ask everybody if you're engaged in an argument leave the weapons out of it. The healing that this family will have to go through for years to come is going to be incredible." Police are still investigating the incident. 

In another similar and equally shocking case, 17-year-old Shawn Willis from Tennessee fatally shot his mother while she was sleeping because she confiscated his phone. He reportedly took his mother's handgun from her nightstand, loaded it in a different room so she could not hear the sound, then stood near her bed and shot her in the head from close range. The boy was originally tried in the juvenile court but turned 18 during the course of his trial. He was later transferred to criminal court after the prosecutors decided to charge him as an adult.