14-year-old doesn't let Down Syndrome come in the way of her modeling dreams

14-year-old doesn't let Down Syndrome come in the way of her modeling dreams

A 14-year-old girl with Down Syndrome has become the inspiration for thousands across the world after taking the Brazilian fashion industry by storm.

Teenager Georgia Traebert has been signed by at least five different agencies ever since scouts spotted her "inspirational" photographs on social media. 

Apart from modeling for many big brands in Brazil, Traebert has also acted in a couple of TV adverts.

The young girl started garnering attention when her mother Rubia shared her picture on social media to help boost her confidence. Georgia's mother had quit her job to care for her full time after she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome after birth and also a heart defect.



In 2016, Rubia shared a picture of the then 12-year-old Georgia on Facebook and which was liked by many. Soon her daughter's profile began to grow.


"It all started as a joke; I posted a picture of her on Facebook and it was a hit straight away. The idea was to see how much it can inspire other DS [Down's Syndrome] children. Today she is listed in five modeling agencies but what really worked was Instagram and Facebook. That's where she became known worldwide," Rubia shared, as reported by The Sun

"Now jobs have started to appear; she has just made a commercial for a famous brand here in Brazil and also modeled for one of the biggest jewelry designers in Brazil," she continued.

Georgia's Instagram page has more than 50K followers and growing. 

Rubia who hails from Curitiba, Brazil shared, "During my pregnancy with Georgia, all my pre-natal exams were showing up ok, and we didn't have a clue she would be a child with Down's syndrome. Naturally, at first it was a shock for us, but since the very first moment, she was born she was received with a lot of love. Of course, the news took us by surprise. I confess that at the time I was filled with a mixture of sadness and insecurity."



"On the first day, she was diagnosed with heart disease and underwent heart surgery when she was five-months-old – the procedure was a success, and she is completely cured," Rubia added. Georgia found it a bit difficult to fit in at the various schools that she attended with a few schools even unwilling to take her in. Rubia shared, "I've always tried to really stimulate Georgia at home."

"I played, I sang, I danced with her - the stimulation was done daily at home by myself. I quit my career to dedicate myself entirely to her and it worked, as you can see. Georgia had to change schools a lot, I think that was the most difficult part of our life. When she was little we changed country, where we had to adapt to other customs and other languages. She's always been very lonely because the girls her age have always been more advanced in their studies and maturity, so they don’t have much patience with her," she revealed. 


"It was the hardest time. On top of this, some schools I wanted to put her in didn’t want to accept her. Georgia has always been very vain since she was little; she always liked clothes, bags, makeup and I always liked it too, so I believe she mirrored me. I would parade her around, sing for her and I didn’t know that this would drive her career," she continued. 

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 14-year-old Georgia Traebert with Down Syndrome all ready to set catwalk on fire after inspirational pics