'13 Reasons Why' Season 4 Trailer: Fans emotional as finale centers on Clay's distress and outing of secrets

The '13 Reasons Why' Season 4 trailer was released by Netflix on Wednesday and it features a distressed Clay trying to work through all the secrets that he has held within him

                            '13 Reasons Why' Season 4 Trailer: Fans emotional as finale centers on Clay's distress and outing of secrets

'13 Reasons Why' is coming to an end with season 4. What started with Hannah Baker's (Katherine Langford) tapes in season 1 has grown beyond the world that Jay Asher had created within his book of the same title. After the third season saw the highschoolers of Liberty High School deal with their classmate Bryce Walker's (Justin Prentice) death and an investigation into his murder, the trailer for season 4 begins on a shocking note. On the school notice board, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) and his friends see "Monty was framed" graffitied in red, as if one had written it with blood and this seems to trigger a psychological battle within Clay who is already struggling with the secrets that he has so far kept bottled within himself. 

The Monty in question is Montgomery de la Cruz (Timothy Granaderos) who was a bully at Liberty High. He was arrested for Bryce's murder and at the end of season 3, Monty was killed in prison. Monty was not only a bully but also a rapist and so it did not take too much for him to be framed for Bryce's death when in reality, the killer is Alex (Miles Heizer). So will Alex be outed as the real murderer this season? It is clear that the question of who the real murderer is will be the central plot of the show in its final season, but who will reveal the truth?

The trailer hints at the possibility that it could be Clay who reveals the truth. He is suffering mentally from all of the things that are bottled within him and is even having nightmares where he sees himself in a prison jumpsuit. Does Clay hold himself responsible for Bryce's death or is he feeling guilty for covering up for the real murderer? Even with Dr. Robert Ellman (Gary Sinise) supporting Clay and helping him muddle through his mental state as "a compassionate, incisive, no-nonsense adolescent and family therapist", Clay doesn't seem to have progressed much in battling his depression and anxiety. 


However, in the trailer, he tells Clay that he sees a kid who seems to be paying a big price for the secrets that he is keeping. He also asks Clay if he is ready to let all those secrets out, possibly because that is the only way Clay can free himself of the guilt that he is feeling. 

The trailer also shows a new student who might be investigating into the death of Monty. Likely so because we see Clay tell one of his friends, "Maybe he is here to get proof". Who is he and why is he trying to uncover a truth that Clay and his friends have worked hard to keep a cap on? He seems to have a close connection with Monty because he is seen talking to one of the students and tells him that they have to do this for Monty. 

Since the release of the trailer, fans have taken to social media to express how impressive the trailer is and also that this is the end. One of them wrote, "This trailer is spectacular, you can really feel the suspense within the music and the scenes alone. The characters expressions add even more of an edge, I can't wait for me and the family to watch the finale, no matter what its gonna be, incredible!"

While another shared, "13 Reasons Why trailer just gave me chills up my whole body I cannot wait for this." 

One fan wrote, "Honestly... I'm happy with this. Looks like a strong season from the trailer, and it's the finale so we know it is gonna be the last. Let's end it on a high note!" The accompanying sad and crying emojis spoke for the state of fans as well. 

This is Clay and his friends' final year at high school, but will they manage to finish without breaking down under all the pressure? The '13 Reasons Why' final season will premiere on Netflix June 5. 

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