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SHARK ALERT! Killer great whites named Bob and Andromache tracked off Atlantic coast amid surge in sightings

A 1,400-pound great white shark named Bob was tracked near Cape Cod Bay, and a 10-foot-long Andromache was spotted in Chignecto Bay off New Brunswick, Canada
UPDATED AUG 31, 2022
13ft great white Bob (L) and the giant Andromache (R) pinged off the north Atlantic coast in the latest sightings (OCEARCH)
13ft great white Bob (L) and the giant Andromache (R) pinged off the north Atlantic coast in the latest sightings (OCEARCH)

CAPE COD, MASSACHUSETTS: A great white shark weighing 1,400 pounds and 13 feet long was spotted near Cape Cod during the season of increased shark sightings in the northeast. The giant shark, named Bob, is one of many equipped with a device that allows researchers to track their location. This data is fed into platforms such as the Sharktivity app or the website of Ocearch, a marine research group.

A frightening video recently showed a large female shark named Andromache swimming into Canadian waters for the first time shortly before the sighting. For the past two summers, Andromache, last seen in the area in 2020, has been tagged near Cape Cod. However, OCEARCH reports that it was located in Canada's Chignecto Bay off the coast of New Brunswick on August 21, 2022.


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The group claimed that adult male white shark Bob pinged on Sunday afternoon off Nantucket Island, Massachusetts after nearly 10 months without a location ping.


According to Newsweek, the 1,400-pound shark is just one of many great white sharks that visit the area from July to October. The north Atlantic has seen a rise in shark sightings, indicating that the once-hunted, protected species has been recovering. According to Sharktivity, an app that enables users to track sharks swimming in nearby waters with the help of scientists, there was a second reported shark sighting in the area on Sunday. 

People out on a boat spotted a young great white that was between 8 and 10 feet long. According to the report, "Shark was at least six feet tall and about 30 yards away from the boat. Absolutely incredible."

The most recent terrifying sightings occurred after a recent flurry of reports on the app in the region in just a few days. Ten shark warnings were displayed in just two days at beaches along the coast that are typically safe for swimming. Radar activity has been astronomically high lately, which is in line with the increasing number of shark sightings and attacks that have persisted throughout the summer. 

Meanwhile, in another report by The Sun, Recent images show a dolphin after it was almost completely torn in half by a shark yards from a beach. A young South Carolina doctor who witnessed the shocking event captured it on camera, and the incident's aftermath was posted on Reddit. One commenter said, "The clean, circular edge of the bite mark is pretty consistent with shark-inflicted injuries."