13 burning questions we have after watching 13 Reasons Why season 2

Was Hannah Baker pregnant when she took her life and did she come back as a real ghost or Clay's imagination? '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 leaves you more confused than ever

                            13 burning questions we have after watching 13 Reasons Why season 2
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Fans of Netflix's controversial show '13 Reasons Why' had only one question before season 2 premiered. It was simple: "What would season 2 be about?"

Hannah Baker's story on why she killed herself were all answered in 13 audio tapes she left behind for 13 individuals. The series based on the book by Jay Asher with the same title had followed the book plot so, many were oblivious to what the second season would be about.

Now, part two is out and about, and has been streaming for a few weeks. Those who are done watching the finale, definitely have more questions now more than ever.

Here's the list of 13 burning questions that fans are asking after watching season two of '13 Reasons Why.'

1. Was Hannah Baker pregnant?

If you have been catching up on post season two conversation threads on social media then you must be aware of the debate that Hannah Baker's reasons why isn't quite complete despite of the show hinting that her story is over.

In the season finale, Chloe reveals to Jessica that she is pregnant (with Bryce Walker's child), which explains why she backed out at the last moment to testify against him. Teenage pregnancy is one of the most harrowing nightmares and chances are, Hannah could have been pregnant after she was sexually assaulted by Bryce Walker. 

During Bryce Walker's trial in the case of the Bakers versus Liberty High, Bryce was heavily interrogated about the night he raped Hannah. The prosecutor repeatedly asked if Bryce had used protection or if he was in the habit of not using it. Chloe's pregnancy reveals that Bryce isn't concerned about using protection and chances of Hannah's accidental pregnancy is high. 

Added to that, Hannah entrusts Tony with her secret in the early episodes which never comes to light. The question of what that secret could be about, hints at Hannah's pregnancy. There's also a reference to her motherhood and family when Olivia Baker reveals ''11 reasons why not" list to Clay Jensen.

2. The cliffhanger ending

Justin Foley renders the last ending note of season two: "What do we do now?" The dialogue is set in a backdrop of police sirens wailing nearby after Clay successfully manages to convince Tyler Down that mass school shooting will not heal him. Jessica and Justin come to Clay's aid but after Tyler drives off with Tony, his gun is in Clay's hand and police have likely reached the spot already. 

No one knows what to do and when they realize they are in grave trouble, credits starts to roll. Justin's question just raised our anxiety level and made us question what are they going to do to escape the scene. Can Clay just throw the gun somewhere behind the bush and just run? The answer will come in season three, if it's ever made at all. If not, this will be one of the worst cliffhangers of all times.

3. Was Hannah really a ghost or Clay's imagination?

She would pop up in the most unlikeliest of places, at times when Clay tried to make love to Skye. It's hard to affirm that the show addressing real-world problems such as suicide, bullying, rape and gun violence would take the route and role for Hannah Baker as a ghost. Given that Hannah Baker's ghost adds no value or information to Clay's knowledge, including her being at the Clubhouse, it is most likely that she is just a figment of his imagination and heartbreak. But towards the end of the show, when Clay directly addresses Hannah in his funeral speech, he sees her walk out of the chapel door and into the light. This gives the viewers a sense that Hannah Baker's spirit is finally at peace. However, this just adds to our confusion and we can't make up our mind if she really was a ghost or Clay's imagination.

4. Was that all for Bryce Walker?

Bryce Walker raped Hannah Baker, Jessica Davis and Chloe. He was proven guilty but he only got a three-month probation period. Season two, however, did toy with the idea of him getting jailed but that hasn't materialized. Bryce Walker, with his money and power, has transferred to a private school and is taking his pregnant girlfriend along. Fans are questioning if that is all the punishment he is getting for his heinous crime.

5. What is going to happen to Tyler and how are they going to help?

What happened to Tyler Down was beyond horrifying. He was raped by his classmates, a mop was inserted inside him. He was aggravated and provoked for revenge, so he armed himself with guns and headed to his school for mass shooting during the spring fling dance. As soon as the school is warned about what Tyler intends to do, Clay heroically goes out to talk to Tyler, undeterred by the guns. Clay even tells his classmates not to call the police.

However, that works out for Clay as he is successful enough to put some sense into Tyler. But now what? Tyler needs help and he did not get it from the mental health facility he just went to. Tony and Clay could not save Hannah. Could Tyler be their second chance?

6. What is Meth Seth going to do to Justin?

One of the best moments of season two was Justin Foley officially getting adopted by the Jensens. Just when we rolled out more tissues to wipe our wet eyes, we saw Meth Seth in his car, parked outside Monet's, looking at Justin Foley and his new family with murderous eyes. Justin has stolen a lot of money from the drug dealer so he is obviously very pissed. Well, he is a dangerous man to piss off.

7. What happened to Justin Foley's mom?

Justin Foley's mother is a helpless woman and believes that she cannot escape the abusive relationship with Seth Meth because he loves her. Justin Foley, after stealing money from Meth Seth the second time, gives few bucks to his mother and tells her to run away. While Justin serves six months in jail and the proceedings with Jensens' adoption proves that his mother is nowhere to be found. We wonder where is she and if she is safe. She feared Seth Meth would kill her if he was to find out that Justin stole his money. Now all we know is that he has found out about Justin.

8. Has love found a way for Jessica and Justin?

Jessica's despise for her ex-boyfriend Justin Foley mellowed down at the spring fling where they couldn't stop looking at each other and ended hooking up. While this is great news for those who ship Jessica and Justin's relationship, there's a third person involved and that is Alex Standall. Jessica had officially confirmed her relationship with Alex at Hannah's funeral seminar and they went to the dance together. Love may have found them back together but the timing wasn't exactly great given that both seem to be in love with Jessica and both are vulnerable young men.

9. Is Alex Standall gay now?

Speaking of the love triangle and Alex Standall, the only way he can be spared of the heartbreak is if he finds love again; and if you have watched the series closely, you already may know who it is. Zach Dempsey, yup! He has helped Alex Standall through it all because he has a heart of gold, and after losing Hannah, he, of course, deserves the best. We see Alex Standall struggling with erection even after kissing Jessica and watching a live porn webcam. But all of sudden, he gets a boner when he gets into a physical argument with Zach. Hmm, we sense some bromance is literally on the way.

10. Will Justin Foley come clean again?

Justin Foley is a troubled kid, who gets addicted to dangerous drugs. To the Jensens, he appears to have come clean or at least that he is trying. But despite good times he is experiencing, including the adoption, he hasn't been able to rid himself of drug addiction. While injecting drugs through the corner of his toes, he has a self-reflective thought and the baby version stares directly at him. That too, does not stop him from taking drugs. So the big question is, can he come clean?

11. What happens to Mr Porter?

During the trial he admits that the school could have done more to save Hannah Baker. In fact, he could have done more to help her. His stand at the case leads him to get fired from Liberty High and vacate his position as the student counselor. It may look like that his story is over but given that he had red-flagged Tyler as the kid who needs help, could hint Porter's return to aid Clay and Tony with their mission to help Tyler.

12. Why didn't Justin Foley know about the Clubhouse?

We have highlighted this question time and again because Justin not knowing the infamous Clubhouse is a major plothole. Even explanations that he was not on the baseball team with Bryce Walker, his childhood best friend, does not justify him not knowing the secret mystery place. Marcus Cole had videos of him in the Clubhouse and he wasn't even half as popular as Justin Foley, Liberty High's most popular guy.

13. Will there be season 3 and is Hannah's story over?

With Bryce's 3-month probation and Hannah Baker's case sealed with defeat, Olivia Baker has decided to move to New York and live the life Hannah wanted. Hannah's father is already with another woman and Hannah's funeral sees her entering the light. So chances are, Hannah Baker's suicide story is over since the narrative even from the 13 individual's side is over. 

With an abrupt ending of season 2, there are chances for season 3 but no word on renewal has been out. There are many authorities and institutions who do not want the series to be renewed.