With the full support of mum, 11-year-old schoolboy turns into a confident drag queen on popular TV talk show Loose Women

Leo Noakes wants people to know that it is ok to be different and any amount of bulling should not stop you from being who you are.

                            With the full support of mum, 11-year-old schoolboy turns into a confident drag queen on popular TV talk show Loose Women

11-year-old Violet Vixen appeared on the Wednesday (August 8) episode of Loose Women and she certainly did charm the audience. What's special about Violet is that she is the alter-ego of Leo Noakes. The young lad looked every bit confident as he strutted onto the stage dressed as a drag queen clad in a dazzling attire complete with fishnet tights and high heels. Leo told the panel that he feels more like himself" when dressing as a drag queen.

Meanwhile, his mother Leanne said that his interest in drag has nothing to do with him changing his gender. "From my ignorance, I assumed that that's what he wanted. It's not at all," she said. But, actually, he's really open anyway, he really clearly just says, "I'm a boy, I like being a boy, just because I've got a penis doesn't mean I can't wear a dress". He just wants to show everyone it's OK to be different. That's what he taught me."

Leo's appearance garnered a lot of positive response from the viewers who thought that he looked "amazing" and praised his mother for supporting him. As reported by Daily Mail, during the initial part of his interview, Leo came dressed as a boy but for the later segment, he came out in a short patterned dress with his hair and makeup done. He danced his way to the panel while Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' played in the background. 

Leo stated that he still identifies as a boy but dressing as in drag just boosts his confidence. "It gives you more confidence you just feel more like yourself." Leanne said that Leo's love for drag started young as he would often borrow his 10-year-old sister Nelly's clothes. However, she grew worried when he did not grow out of it. 

"He's always been flamboyant and a big character and he's always been wanting to dress in high heels and dresses and things," she said. "When he was about six people started to say he should have grown out of it by then. I brushed it off at first but it wasn't until a few months after that and it was stewing a little bit, I thought it was time to knock it on the head." Leanne initially thought that Leo liked dressing like this because she was a single mother but that continued even after she got together with her current partner. 

At first, Leanne threw out all the feminine clothes in the hopes of encouraging Leo to have a more masculine personality. Leo developed an interest in cars but that changed when he searched for drag racing online. He stumbled upon RuPaul's Drag Race, and his interested kick-started again. Even though Leo has been bullied in school for his choices, his mother has now been supportive of him and his choices. 

"'He says why to spend time giving hate to people who aren't harming people and aren't doing anything wrong when you could embrace it and have fun with them?" she said. He had the bullying at school, but the more bullying he got the more he did it." While he may not be accepted by his peers, people sure fell in love with him. "Just seen an 11-year-old boy on Loose Women dressed in drag. BRILLIANT. So pleased that he can be himself and not be restricted by prejudice. Go mum!" one user tweeted, while another added, "How cute is this drag queen? What a great mother he has too."