Deaf and mute boy, 10, saved FOUR days after falling down 80ft well he shared with a SNAKE

Deaf and mute boy, 10, saved FOUR days after falling down 80ft well he shared with a SNAKE
Screenshots showing Rahul Sahu getting rescued and at the hospital receiving treatment and care (Twitter/ @ChhattisgarhCMO)

A ten-year-old boy from the Indian state of Chhattisgarh has finally been rescued after he fell into an 80-feet waterhole last Friday, June 10. Rahul Sahu was reportedly playing in his house's backyard when the mishap happened and he had to spend four days inside the well with a snake and a frog.

After the accident, a huge rescue operation was launched that included 500 army, police, and disaster relief officials, who worked relentlessly amid bad weather, dangerous snakes, and scorpions. With the help of earth movers and cranes, the rescuers reportedly dug up a 15-feet tunnel before they succeeded in saving the child, who was stuck for more than 100 hours.



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Soon after being rescued on Tuesday night, June 14, Sahu was rushed to the hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit. It has been said that the boy’s condition is “stable” and he will go home soon. “We have won, our team has won. It was a challenging situation. We were given all kinds of assistance from the administration. CM Bhupesh Baghel was continuously monitoring the situation. We're taking Rahul directly to Apollo hospital in Bilaspur,” an official named Jitendra Shukla said.

Chhattisgarh’s Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel issued a statement in Hindi via Twitter that read: “Our boy is brave.” He added: “A snake and a frog were his companions for 104 hours. Today the whole of Chhattisgarh is celebrating... we all wish for his return from hospital soon. Congratulations and thanks again to all the team involved in this operation.”


In another Twitter share, Baghel wrote in Hindi: “Understandably, the challenge was huge. But our team stands calm in the face of adversity. If the path is tricky, our will is strong. With blessings and dedicated efforts of the rescue team, Rahul Sahu has been brought out. We hope and pray he gets better soon.”

The politician also went to meet the boy at the hospital and posted on social media, “Our brave Rahul Sahu is synonymous with courage. Went to meet him today, met his mother and family members. The team of doctors is taking good care of him. The government will arrange for his treatment, his education. It was possible because of everyone's prayers and collective efforts. 🏥 Apollo Hospital, Bilaspur.”


This comes months after a five-year-old boy named Rayan Oram from Morocco's Ighran village fell into a 32-meter (105-feet) well in February. But despite trying for days, the rescue team couldn’t save him. After his tragic death, French President Emmanuel Macron in a statement said, “Tonight, I want to tell the family of little Rayan and the Moroccan people that we share their pain.”

However, the message of sympathy and solidarity was slammed by Moroccan novelist Abdellah Taïa, as reported by Al Jazeera. Taïa had said: “Rayan is not an image of Arab solidarity. For me, it’s a story about how we keep again and again abandoning the people in the Arab world. It’s too easy to be in solidarity with a young boy about to die. It’s much harder, to be honest, just, and to ask the right questions to those who hold power: Why did Rayan really die? And what the people in power are going to do now for all the others, the poor people that no one pays attention to?”


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