Coolest centenarian ever: Ruth Parker celebrates her 101st birthday at Taco Bell

101-year-old Ruth Parker has redefined birthday goals as she celebrated her birthday at her local Taco Bell in Carbondale, Illinois

                            Coolest centenarian ever: Ruth Parker celebrates her 101st birthday at Taco Bell
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If you ever want to celebrate your 101st Birthday then let Ruth Parker be your inspiration. Ruth Parker recently hosted her 101st birthday party at the local Taco Bell in Carbondale, Illinois. 

On Tuesday, Parker told KFVS-12 that she became a regular customer about 18 years ago, shortly after she moved back to town from Florida. She says she started coming to the Carbondale Taco Bell on a rainy day right after moving to town, looking for a place to read her paper and drink her coffee. "They said 'well we don't serve coffee here,' but one of the help brought his coffee and said we'll make you a cup," she said. "And after that, she came back every time," said Taco Bell manager Rebecca Gefro. 

Since her first visit, the employees showered her with kindness that she just kept coming back. Now, Parker comes to the Taco Bell at least twice a week and has developed close friendships with the workers and especially with the store manager.

Added to that, in all the time she's been coming to the Taco Bell, Parker has been able to try all the items on the menu. Her current favorite she says is the Nacho Fries and it's no surprise since the dish's introduction was the most successful new menu item launch in T-Bell's history. Her love for food there and people there prompted her to celebrate her momentous birthday at the spot.

On the day of Parker's 101st birthday, the Carbondale Taco Bell was decked out with balloons, streamers, and flowers. The centenarian's family and friends, including the ones who work at the fast food restaurant, joined her in honoring the occasion over tacos and Nacho Fries. The Taco Bell's marquee was even decked out to say "Happy Birthday Ruth."

"No matter what. We all know Miss Ruth and we all make her a part of our lives and you know we talk to her and we just love her to death," says Gefro adding, "We'll see her at 102 next year. And we're gonna make it even bigger!" 

This humble but heartwarming party has made many others rethink their birthday goals. Bye to Kylie Jenner's recent 21st birthday bash and hello to tacos, nachos and fries-kinda birthday.