Why did '1000-lb Sisters' star Amy Slaton name baby boy Gage Dion? Here's the origin and Stephen King inspiration

When it comes to baby names, Amy Slaton and Micheal Halterman are taking a page out of Stephen King's famous novel 'Pet Sematary' and fans are divided

                            Why did '1000-lb Sisters' star Amy Slaton name baby boy Gage Dion? Here's the origin and Stephen King inspiration
Amy Slaton and Micheal Halterman on '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)

When it comes to Amy and Tammy Slaton, you know you'll always stay entertained. While both are still struggling with their weight — seeing that Amy is now pregnant and that Tammy has reached a point where she requires surgery — their endless jabs and drama continue, keeping viewers hooked to the show.

The latest episode was as dramatic as ever. Tammy got a frantic call from Amy, who claimed to be in extreme pain and said she was scared for her as well as the baby's health. Amy admitted herself to the ER, only to find out that the pain was because she had eaten a day old Chinese food for breakfast. Tammy was exasperated. All that chaos over Chinese food. She chided Amy for her eating habits. Amy admitted that even though she loves Chinese food, she's going to have to make healthier choices here on since it was not just her health at stake but the baby's as well.

Speaking of which, this episode saw Amy take to social media to announce both the gender and the name of her child. While fans have known for a while now that Amy is pregnant, the gender of her child was not revealed. Amy reached out to her fans via social media and showed the audience a few sonogram photos, while announcing that it was a boy. She and her husband, Micheal Halterman also dropped the baby's name. They had been thinking about names such as Thomas and Wayne. But when they realized that they had too many family members with the same names, they opted to go for something different. Since the couple has a mutual love for horror movies, they decided to name their son Gage Dion, after the character from Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary'.

For those unfamiliar with the book or the movie by the same name, 'Pet Sematary' is the story of a family who moves to a town in Maine. What follows is a series of events where a distraught father tries to revive his dead toddler (Gage Dion) by burying him on cursed ground. The child comes back to life as a malevolent being, sending the family into disarray. 

Fans were quick to take to Twitter to discuss the name and it was met with mixed reactions. "Amy is about to name her child after a Stephen King novel? #1000lbSisters," said one user. "Lol, the producer said you named your baby after that?! #1000lbSisters," tweeted a user, since the episode featured a surprised producer ask Amy this question from the background. "amy wanting to name her son gage after the killer baby in pet sematary is sending me #1000lbSisters," tweeted another, quite amused user.


One user found the name pretty cool. "#1000lbSisters Haha don’t feel bad Amy. I named my son after Isaac from Children of the Corn! I can relate!" Tweeted a user in support.
"They wanna name their baby after the little kid in the movie pet cemetery that’s kinda neat. #1000lbSisters," agreed another. "lmao Pet Sematary I love Amy. #1000lbSisters," said a fan and we agree, it's definitely better than a kid named Thomas Wayne (we would have made an exception had she gone with Bruce Wayne though)."


We have to agree, it is a pretty cool name though.

'1000-lb Sisters' airs on Mondays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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