'100 Day Dream Home': Who are Don and Natalie? Whopping cost of their lavish 4-bedroom home will blow your mind

'100 Day Dream Home': Who are Don and Natalie? Whopping cost of their lavish 4-bedroom home will blow your mind
Don and Natalie (HGTV)

One of the most fun things about '100 Day Dream Home' is definitely seeing the different families that Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt help. This season brings us a new set of people, all looking to build their dream home within 100 days in Tampa, Florida.

In the latest episode, 'Grand Space For Grandkids', we're introduced to Don and Natalie, who are not only big on family but also have quite a big family too!

Don and Natalie have been married for about eight years and they both have two children each. Don has five grandchildren, while Natalie is expecting her first grandchild — she's hoping their new home is ready just in time as the latest member of their beautiful growing family. Natalie's mother stays with them for six months in a year — that, combined with having their grandkids over, all while living in a two-bedroom apartment proved to be overwhelming.

Natalie and Don (HGTV)

The couple has been house hunting for the past five years, but with high real estate prices and remodeling costs, it seemed nearly impossible to find something that they love. Enter the Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt, who are ready to give these two loving grandparents a beautiful home for them to host their family get-togethers and make many beautiful memories.

The couple had a budget, and as always, the Kleinschmidts delivered within said budget, all within 100 days, a record they haven't broken yet (and don't plan on it). Here's the breakdown of just how much Don and Natalie's homey abode set them back.

The plot they own is currently 1.2 acres

100 Day Dream Home (HGTV)

This stunning property is surrounded by plenty of greenery and quite centrally located, seeing that it's just a short drive away from Plant City, Florida. The couple was struggling to find pre-built homes. But thankfully, Mika Kleinschmidt swooped in and helped them purchase this plot of land. At $66,500, she definitely helped them get a good price for it!

Their new house is a 4-bedroom, ground floor home

100 Day Dream Home (HGTV)

Don and Natalie seemed rather indecisive when it came to the aesthetic and style of their home. What they were absolutely confident about, however, was their floor plan. Seeing that they have family over often and Natalie's mother often stays with them, the couple required a four-bedroom home, with their room located away from the other three, to maintain their privacy. They also knew they'd require three bathrooms and a large outdoor space for dining purposes.

Their budget was originally $370,000

100 Day Dream Home (HGTV)

As always, the Kleinschmidts strategically broke up the budget, in order to build the house and allot every segment the right funding. The total build of the house cost the couple $340,000, leaving $30,000 for the rest of the expenses.

But Don and Natalie wanted to incorporate an extended lanai to their backyard, raising their budget by an additional $5,000. The break for the remainder of the house was $6,000 for special projects, $25,000 for furnishing and $4,000 for landscaping. In total, their entire house set them back by $441,500. It definitely didn't come cheap, but by the look of it, it's absolutely stunning! 

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