Girl, 10, dies after suffering cardiac arrest on Delta flight to Seattle just minutes after takeoff from LA

The flight had to return to the airport but the girl could not be saved despite efforts made by paramedics

                            Girl, 10, dies after suffering cardiac arrest on Delta flight to Seattle just minutes after takeoff from LA
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A 10-year-old girl died on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle after suffering a cardiac arrest just minutes after takeoff, reports have indicated.

The tragic incident unfolded on a Delta Airlines plane that took off from the Los Angeles International Airport at 5.53 pm on December 26, according to NBC Los Angeles.

The girl is said to have had the medical emergency just minutes into the three-hour flight to Seattle, forcing the flight to turn back and return to the airport so medical professionals to tend to her.

Paramedics rushed to Gate 34 at the airport to treat the girl, but proved to be too late and declared her dead at the scene. Authorities have not yet released her identity to the public.

Speaking about the death, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department said, "LAFD paramedics responded to medical aid for a minor female child and furiously worked to save her life."

"Sadly, all efforts were futile and the child was beyond medical help," the spokesperson continued. "Her death was determined on scene."

Delta Airlines also addressed the incident in a statement which read, "Delta flight 2423 from Los Angeles to Seattle returned to Los Angeles International Airport shortly after takeoff due to a medical emergency on board."

"The flight was met by paramedics," it continued. "Delta is working to re-accommodate customers to their final destination."

The authorities have said there are no indications that there was anything suspicious in connection to the victim's death, but that the Los Angeles Police Department would still open an investigation.

A coroner will determine the official cause of death in the coming days. A cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack. The latter is caused by a lack of blood to the heart, while the former happens when the heart suddenly stops beating altogether.

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