The 10 most spectacular Independence Day fireworks displays that you really should be at this 4th of July

With 4th of July right around the corner, here is a list of the best places to enjoy the celebrations

                            The 10 most spectacular Independence Day fireworks displays that you really should be at this 4th of July
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As 4th of July approaches, we’re sure you’re all trying to make plans to watch the fireworks and celebrate 240 years of independence. If you still haven't decided where you plan on watching the spectacle, we have just what you need. We have compiled a list of the top ten spots to watch 4th of July fireworks. 

Fireworks are an American tradition, especially on the Fourth of July, when the first Independence Day fireworks display took place in Philadelphia in 1777.

Macy’s, New York City

The Macy’s 4th of July fireworks display is probably the biggest in the nation. It uses over 3,000 effects and is 25 minutes long. Over 3 million people watch the spectacle every year.

July 4 fireworks display in New York City (Getty Images)

This year pyrotechnics will be launched from along the East River between East 23rd and East 40th Streets. The spectacle will be preceded by a performance by Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton.  

DO A.C., Atlantic City

The infamous resort town’s fireworks display will be launched from a platform in the Marina District. The Borgata show will last 20 minutes, as will the fireworks at Tropicana. With over 250,000 spectators, the spectacle promises to me a dramatic one.

Music City, Nashville

The city of music Nashville sets the perfect tone for 4th of July with an entire day of free music and fireworks. The spectacle is choreographed to a live set from the Nashville Symphony. This year’s performers include Lady Antebellum and Kid Politics. The event attracts over 200,000 people to downtown Music City each year.

National Mall, Washington D.C.

July 4 fireworks display in Washington D.C. (Getty Images)

If you want to experience patriotism at its best, head to D.C. for the 4th of July. Bring a picnic basket and blanket and secure a grassy spot at the National Mall and watch fireworks reflect in the pool in front of the Washington Monument. The show lasts for a good 18 minutes, and the pyrotechnics are concentrated in a small part of the sky for maximum effect.

Addison, Dallas

The small town attracts over 500,000 on Independence Day for it’s 30-minute long fireworks display on July 3. For the long spectacle, they use 5,000 pounds worth of fireworks. The Cavanaugh Flight Museum even puts on an air show featuring aerobatics and pyrotechnics.

Boston Pops, Massachusetts

This famous display is known for its unique musical accompaniment. Fireworks fill the sky as music performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra plays, which features real cannon fire, in the background, making for quite an experience. The fireworks are shot from the banks of the Charles River.

Fair Saint Louis, St. Louis

The 1,371-acre Forest Park, site of the 1904 World’s Fair, hosts probably one of the biggest 4th of July celebrations of all time, firing a total of 15,000 pounds of fireworks over July 4,6 and 7 nights. Musical numbers complete the celebration. Performers include Jason Derulo, Martina McBride, Andy Grammer, and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra on the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Stage.

Lights on the Lake, Lake Tahoe

If you’re looking for a picturesque view, then Lake Tahoe is your spot for 4th of July. With the Sierra Nevada mountains fading in the distance and reflections of fireworks sparkling on the clear water of Lake Tahoe, it is an awe-inspiring visual. The 25-minute spectacle attracts over 125,000 viewers.

Big Bay Boom, San Diego 

San Diego is probably known for its fireworks failure back in 2012, when the entire 18-minute display exploded in a matter of 15 seconds. But despite this malfunction, the Big Bay Boom is has regained its title as one of the loudest spectacles in the nation over the past 5 years.

Wawa Welcome America!, Philadelphia

Considering the Declaration of Independence was signed was signed in the City of Brotherly Love, the city sure has a larger celebration that include one of the largest free concerts in the nation along with a 14-minute firework display. This year’s performers include Pitbull and Heather Headley.

Fireworks light up the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay as Americans celebrate Independence Day on July 4 (Getty Images)

The Pier, San Francisco

The dynamic city of San Francisco has a dramatic display of fireworks on the 4th of July. Fireworks launch from barges in the water and off the Municipal Pier, north of Pier 39 in the Fisherman’s Wharf district and are accompanied by some live performers as well.