10 hottest MLB WAGs: From Kate Upton to Lauren Mikolas

10 hottest MLB WAGs: From Kate Upton to Lauren Mikolas
Emily Greinke, Kate Upton and Lauren Mikolas (Getty Images)

For someone who's in the MLB, having a hot wife or girlfriend to come home to isn't exactly surprising. These are the women who form the better halves of some of our favorite baseball players and if you didn't know about them before, it's time you found out.

Not all of the women on this list are models or actors but they're all beautiful in their own way. For the purposes of this list, we've kept the wives and girlfriends of retired players out of the running but we would still like to give a shoutout to Jennifer Lopez, Hannah Davis and all the other beautiful MLB WAGS whom we haven't mentioned below.


So now that we've got that out of the way, let's get right into the list, shall we? Here are the 10 hottest MLB WAGS you ought to know about:

Kayla Varner


Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper and his wife Kayla Harper attend a game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Kentucky Wildcats during the CBS Sports Classic at T-Mobile Arena on December 21, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada (Getty Images)


Bryce Harper is one of the most recognizable names in baseball right now but not too many people seem to know about his beautiful wife Kayla Varner. Harper and Varner have had an interesting journey as they were initially supposed to get married in 2015, had a breakup, and eventually ended up tying the knot in 2016.

Jill Davis

Chris Davis' wife, Jill Davis, isn't a model or an actress but she is definitely pretty enough to be one. With an adorable smile and girl-next-door looks, it's clear that Davis really hit the jackpot with Jill who is also the mother of his daughters Ella, Evelyn and Dorothy.


Larisa Fraser

Edmondson isn't the only one on this list with hot semi-nude photoshoots. Ryan Braun's wife Larisa Fraser used to be an actress on 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' and she's definitely got the killer looks to prove it.

Jaime Faith Edmondson


Playmate Jaime Faith Edmondson celebrates the release of Playboy magazine's 'The Freedom Issue' at No Vacancy on June 23, 2016, in Los Angeles, California
(Getty Images)


Fun fact: Evan Longoria's wife Jaime Faith Edmondson used to be a Playboy model. She hasn't been in the game much recently but she's got some really steamy pictures online and she's still a really sexy woman.

Darya Aliya Baghbani

Dexter Fowler's wife Darya Aliya Baghbani is one of the people on this list who doesn't have a lot of very spicy photos of herself up on social media. But that doesn't mean she's any less hot, as evidenced by the tasteful yet sexy photos you can find on her Instagram. 


Yainee Alonso


Manny Machado #13 of the Baltimore Orioles and the American League attends the 89th MLB All-Star Game, presented by MasterCard red carpet with wife, Yainee Alonso, at Nationals Park on July 17, 2018, in Washington, DC (Getty Images)


Yainee Alonso might not be the most recognizable person on this list but she's definitely beautiful and she's got a stronger connection to the MLB than anyone else listed here. Married to Manny Machado, one of the most popular players in the sport, Yainee is also the sister of Yonder Alonso of the Atlanta Braves.


Lauren Mikolas

She might not be as recognizable as her husband Miles Mikolas but Lauren Mikolas reportedly used to be a UFC fighter. She might be out of that lifestyle now but she's definitely kept herself fit and it shows. 

Emily Greinke


Zack Greinke #21 of the Los Angeles Dodgers poses for a picture with his wife, Emily, and son, Bode, after they beat the San Francisco Giants to clinch the National League West title at AT&T Park on September 29, 2015, in San Francisco, California
(Getty Images)


Zack Greinke may not be the most popular MLB star but at least he's got his beautiful wife Emily Greinke by his side. With a pretty smile and curves in all the right places, Greinke has an almost effortless beauty and her husband is one lucky man. 

Emily Vakos

A lot of people meet their future partners in the office and Anthony Rizzo has a similar story. He actually met his wife Emily Vakos when she was an intern on the nutrition team. She's got really pretty eyes and she clearly takes care of herself, as you would expect from a nutritionist.


Kate Upton


Justin Verlander #35 of the Houston Astros and Kate Upton celebrate the 6-1 win over the Tampa Bay Rayst in game five of the American League Division Series at Minute Maid Park on October 10, 2019, in Houston, Texas (Getty Images)


Easily the biggest name on this list, Kate Upton, was famous long before she got married to Justin Verlander. This 28-year-old is one of the most popular actresses/models out there and she's been featured on everything from Sports Illustrated to the 100th-anniversary Vanity Fair cover.


Do you think we missed someone who should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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