10 of the derpiest convict mugshots you have ever seen

10 of the derpiest convict mugshots you have ever seen
(Source : Police Department)

Everyone knows that there are certain procedures to be followed when a person is arrested and is being booked. Aside from handing over all personal possessions, giving fingerprint impressions etc., the convict also has to pose for a mugshot.

Normally, no one would really bat an eyelid over these mugshots unless the convict is hot, like Jeremy Meeks, or a celebrity.

However, we have unearthed some mugshots that are far from either of those categories.

Below is a list of the derpiest criminal mugshots ever taken. And we can't, for the life of us, figure out how the police officers responsible for taking these snaps kept a straight face.

10. Is this the photo of a man or the Grinch?



9. When your eyebrow game is so on point that it makes you look disappointed all the time



8. This man looks like the human embodiment of a sweet potato


7. This definitely secures a place in the worst tattoo ever hall of fame



6. We found the real Count Olaf from A Series Of Unfortunate Events


5. This guy seriously needs to visit the dentist



4. This man was clearly very happy with the crime he committed


3. This is what it looks like when you are surprised by your own arrest


2. This convict did not think things through when it comes to getting tans



1. Looks like someone's forgot their dentures

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 10 derpiest criminal mugshots you have ever seen