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The top 10 debut albums of 2018

From longtime bands going their own way to young musicians taking their first dive into the musical world, 2018 has been a year full of spellbinding first time efforts.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 10. Anthem Of The Peaceful Army - Greta Van Fleet

After two years of riding the hype train, Michigan rock reviavlists Greta Van Fleet finally unleashed their debut album 'Anthem Of The Peaceful Army' this year. Although it polarizedboth critics and fans, Greta's debut album is an all-out blues rock assault with loud guitars and louder wails. In Meaww's review of the album we called the album a "pleasant distraction from the modern rock landscape that is constantly adopting more and more elements of electronic music at a time when synthesizers are back in fashion again." The Led Zeppelin comparisons are still sticking to the band like glue but it doesn't seem like they care much.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 9. Black Labyrinth - Jonathan Davis

There had been quite a buzz about Korn frontman Jonathan Davis' solo debut for quite a while and 2018 finally saw the buzz materialize into his debut record 'Black Labyrinth'. Although Korn is no stranger to experimentation and have quite a far field, Davis' album is as far removed from Korn material as it gets. From the eerie crawling 'Basic Needs' to stadium anthems like 'What It Is', the album is a versatile flex of what Davis is capable of without his usual gang to back him up. What remains is his haunting, howling vocals which are still as powerful as ever.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 8. All My Shades of Blue - Ruen Brothers

While hip-hop and electronic music sweep the streaming charts across the world, a pleasant respite comes in the form of English rock-and-roll duo Ruen Brothers, who, with their Everly Brothers and Roy Orbison influenced style, are emphatically bringing back a forgotten genre to the spotlight. 'All My Shades Of Blue' is the culmination of years of perfecting their sound, helmed by legendary producer Rick Rubin at his famous Shangri La studio in Malibu. The album boasts some high-profile collaborations as well, including the talents of such boldface names as Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums, along with The Killers’ Dave Keuning on strings and Faces and Small Faces legend Ian McLagan on keyboards.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 7. Too Much Future - Ex-poets

Los Angeles by-way-of New York experimental duo Ex-poets released their debut album 'Too Much Future' earlier this year. Drawing from a deep sonic pool of jazz, alt-R&B, psych-rock, and so much more, the album is quite difficult to box into a genre. Drowning in a multitude of layered sounds and varied textures, it simultaneously has a stripped-back, almost minimalist feel to it as the duo embark on an unhinging pursuit of the abstract, with the lyrics laid bare for multiple interpretations.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 6. We Are Inextricable - Devon Church

After a decade-long career with Brooklyn-based dream pop duo Exitmusic, Devon Church finally embarked on his debut solo journey in 2018 with the soulful 'We Are Inextricable'. Church's voice is reminiscent of a young Leonard Cohen and the sensuous, surreal lyrics — touching on themes of romantic obsession, religious ambivalence, dysfunctional families, and the ineffable strangeness of human existence — are delivered through Church's soulful baritone, over trance-inducing, tape-saturated echoes of minimalist and ambient compositions.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 5. Year Of The Tiger - Myles Kennedy

In the process of recording his solo debut, Myles Kennedy scrapped an entire album’s worth of material before starting from scratch to ultimately form what became ‘Year of the Tiger.’ It was a highly emotional effort as the singer exorcised the childhood pain of losing his father at the hands of the Christian Scientist belief system. Elements from outside Kennedy’s typical rock entree in the form of lap steel guitar, mandolin and banjo, giving fans of the incredibly prolific singer something fresh to take in. ‘Year of the Tiger’ is perhaps the most dynamic album of Kennedy’s career.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 4. Confident Music For Confident People - Confidence Man

Combining the urgency of Hot Chip and the dance-punk sensibilities of LCD Soundsystem, Aussie electro pop quartet Confidence Man burst onto the scene this year with their infinitely groovy debut 'Confident Music For Confident People'. Comprised of one-time members of the Antipodean psychedelia scene, Confidence Man have cast off the ambling melodies and noodly jams in favor of sugary, crisp and slightly gawky dance-pop that's impossible to resist. The album is a dance marathon from start to finish and will leave you completely spent as you shake it into the wee hours of the morning.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 3. Lush - Snail Mail

Eighteen-year-old Lindsey Jordan (aka Snail Mail) has been steadily gaining a dedicated following over the last few years, and with 'Lush', she finally delivers her debut album, a master class in how to evolve out of a DIY scene without losing any of the raw charm that garnered all the attention in the first place. With moody guitar confessionals underlined by the unfazed earnestness of youth, 'Lush' addresses the standard tropes of love, rejection, and heartbreak with a fresh new perspective and is one of the most impressive indie rock debuts of 2018.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 2. Hope Downs - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Taking their own sweet time to do things right, Australian indie rock quintet Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever finally released their debut full-length album this year, five years after ther formation. Aptly named after a desolate iron ore mine in Western Australia, 'Hope Downs' is less like a mine and more a minefield, with explosive word-bombs hidden under the surface of a triple attack of jangly krautrock-influenced guitars. Featuring instant hits like the sprawling 'An Air Conditioned Man' and the propulsive force of 'Talking Straight', the album is set to be a keystone of contemporary indie rock.

The top 10 debut albums of 2018 1. Superorganism - Superorganism

For an indie pop outfit from all across the world that had only met over the internet and never in real life until they decided to rent a house in London last year, Superorganism's self-titled debut album is unbelievably tight, sounding as though it's been made by bandmates that have known each other for ages. With their maximalist approach to pop, catchy hooks, nostalgic music videos and sonic styles that go all over the pop spectrum, the hive mind of Superorganism has come together to deliver what is arguably the best debut album of 2018.