NYC 1-year-old in stroller shot dead by 2 gunmen who fired more than 20 rounds at a group having barbeque

NYC 1-year-old in stroller shot dead by 2 gunmen who fired more than 20 rounds at a group having barbeque
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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: A one-year-old boy was shot and killed, and three adults were injured after a shooting near a playground in Brooklyn on Sunday, July 12. The child, identified as Davell Gardner Jr, was sitting in a stroller with some people having a barbecue when two men jumped out of a car and fired multiple shots at the group and driving away, according to CBS News. The incident unfolded at around 11.30 pm outside Raymond Bush Playground on Madison Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant, with witnesses saying the men fired more than 20 rounds at the group.

Police said the infant was hit in the stomach and was rushed to Maimonides Medical Center, where he died at 2.39 am. They said three adults had also been injured in the shooting but were expected to survive. NYPD Chief of Community Affairs Bureau Jeffrey Maddrey tweeted his anger over the "disgusting violence." "A one year old child is dead," he wrote. "The baby was with his family enjoying a Sunday night in the Summer when someone started shooting. Three people were injured and the baby was killed. This. Must. STOP! We as a community, we as a police department denounce this disgusting violence."

Several residents of the area also condemned the shooting and called for action to be taken to end gun violence. "Crime is up. People [are] shooting each other and killing each other. Got a lot of hatred going on," William Berry, who lives nearby, told CBS New York. "We’ve got to learn to get together." "Please put these guns down. We don’t need no more of this," said Tommy Holiday, another local. "When does this stop? Friday, my nephew was killed in East New York. Today, a 1-year-old baby. When does this stop? This is a shame, this is a 1-year-old baby seen no life yet."

Tony Herbert, a community advocate, said he now wants to see NYPD's Anti-Crime Unit back on the streets to put an end to the violence. He also called for stricter sentencing for those caught with illegal firearms. "The guns keep going off, and now we have a 1-year-old, and the blood is on the hands of this mayor and the state legislature," he said. "They need to raise the mandatory minimum of anybody carrying an illegal firearm to 10 years, and I can guarantee it will reduce this amount of gun violence."

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio held a moment of silence in the young boy's honor at his press conference on Monday, July 13, and said he was "heartbroken" over the violence.

"We've got to take resolve out of every situation like this. We can never give up," he said. "We can never give up on our children, we can never give up on our families, we can never give up on our neighborhoods — no matter how tough it seems."

"It means the whole community has to be involved. It's never just about police, it has to be community and police together," he continued, before adding, "Every resource is going to be used to find this killer."

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