This is what hundreds of people saying 'WOW' like Owen Wilson sounds like


This is what hundreds of people saying 'WOW' like Owen Wilson sounds like

You want to know what commitment looks like? Commitment looks like this.



Waaaooow. #wowfedsquare #owenwilsonwow

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Hundreds of Australians gathered at Federation Square in Melbourne and WOWed the web. This wonderful phenomena happened after a Facebook page called Owen Wilson Wowposting called for a gathering of the wows. And WOW, did they wow.

Owen Wilson fans were instructed to gather at Federation Square at 6 pm. The programme started with the admin giving a hype speech that had a lot of positivity to energize the group. The gathering began with a few warmup wows. Once the crowd felt a little more comfortable with their wowing, they attempted a thunderous group wow that wowed the world.

So here's how this happened. We all know Owen Wilson. You know, tall, blonde, handsome? Owen has this beautiful, soft mellow voice that compliments his equally mellow and friendly movie characters.

Owen Wilson also says 'wow' in all his movies at least once. No, this is not a lie. Owen Wilson’s 'wow' has that same, mellow charm that's unbelievably unique to the actor. Here's an example. 

Naturally, this became a meme which brought the internet together during a time of need.

Wow, fans are really committed. (Instagram)
Live, love, wow. (Instagram)

Here are a few more wow-worthy videos you have to check out.

To put it simply, the event was a beautiful rarity. Where else will you find 600+ people gathering in a public place to glorify the wow of Owen? Faith in humanity slowly being restored, one wow at a time.



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