Woman taken off plane in Sacramento for racial rant against attendant: 'You're White privilege, I'm Black Queen'

The passenger was caught in a video arguing with the attendant and fellow passengers while she was going to the restroom

                            Woman taken off plane in Sacramento for racial rant against attendant: 'You're White privilege, I'm Black Queen'
(John Cardillo/Twitter)

A video of a Black woman claiming to be a 'Queen from California' and engaging in racial rant with a flight attendant as well as a fellow passenger has been shared online. The incident reportedly took place last week on a Spirit Airlines flight when the plane landed in Sacramento, California.

According to reports, after the plane landed, the woman, who has not been identified, got up to use the restroom. In the video, a flight attendant was seen trying to pass the woman and that is exactly when the argument began. The passenger said, “don’t push me." "Ok, excuse me, I need to get..." the flight attendant was heard saying in the clip before she seemed to push the woman’s backpack, to which the passenger wearing a blue dress and a white mask hanging on her chin exclaimed, "did you see what she did? She put her hands at me. She wants me to go to jail, y’all. See how she’s antagonizing me?”


The altercation continued as the woman claimed that the flight attendant was “getting aggressive” with her. The footage also showed the woman engaging herself in an argument with another passenger, who told her: “You are not listening.” The Black woman did not appear to take the advice in good sense and referred to her as “White privilege”. “What do I got to listen to? Are you my boss? You're White privilege, you are not my boss. Sit down! You are White privilege, sit down! You wait for me to get to my bathroom. Have respect for me,” the woman told the fellow flyer.

She then shifted her focus to the flight attendant and said to her, “You have a mask on, you’re in the government, too, you’re confined, and you don’t have White privilege anymore. I’m a Queen from California.” After a few minutes, an officer was seen walking up the aisle to escort the woman off the plane. In front of the officer, the woman again referred to herself as “Black Queen” and as she was being taken away, people in the plane were heard applauding and laughing.


One witness said it was the “first time in my life I was scared being a White person, surrounded by majority of Black people in the plane. This lady was arguing the whole flight with someone next to her and when the plane landed, we were told to stay in our seats but for that lady, there were no rules,” The Daily Mail reported. The video of the incident shared on Twitter has gone viral with over two million views. A lot of people have expressed their views on it, with one saying, “If she's a queen, I'm the Count Of Monte Cristo...both imaginary”. A second user commented: “White privilege? It’s called rules & regulations that don’t see color. This is what the Dems did to their party. They think if they have an excuse they can do & say whatever they want. Ppl like this is exactly what’s wrong with America.” While yet another wrote: "Are you freakin kidding me with this? If she’d been White she’d have been thrown off the flight and put on a no fly list. Looks more like Black privilege to me. So over this crap,” added the third user on the social media platform.




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