Woman who fled to Syria to become bride of ISIS terrorist says she spent first night in "blood-stained torture chamber"

26-year-old Derya O., who is now in the custody of German authorities, revealed the details of her life as the wife of an ISIS terrorist.

                            Woman who fled to Syria to become bride of ISIS terrorist says she spent first night in "blood-stained torture chamber"

While British ISIS bride Shamima Begum is catching all the headlines, another woman who was smuggled across the Syrian border so she could similarly become the bride of an ISIS terrorist has revealed details of her life in the jihadi organization.

According to the Daily Mail, 26-year-old Derya O., who is currently in the custody of German authorities after fleeing ISIS, described how her first night of marriage with Mario Sciannimanica, a German who pledged loyalty to ISIS, was spent in a "blood-stained torture chamber."

Hailing from a Turkish family living in Germany, Derya explained how she went down the path to becoming the bride of a terrorist as she fell in with the wrong crowd at an "impressionable age."

She said she was the girlfriend of the boss of the local chapter of Hells Angels before she became disillusioned with life and met Sciannimanica.

Sciannnimanica reportedly told her about his conversion to the "true cause," and how he had to abandon his dog Luna because she was "unclean" due to his new faith. He also told her he had moved to Syria to help ISIS with their cause, and when she found out he wasn't married, the pair decided to tie the knot.

Just two months later, the 26-year-old had left behind Germany and traveled to Turkey so she could be smuggled across the Syrian border to be with her new husband. But by her own admission, their first night as a married couple was anything but romantic.

"We were housed in a former torture chamber, there were chains hanging from the ceiling, blood was still on the walls, it was all very scary," she revealed.

Derya, who had moved with the intention of aiding Syrian children, quickly found out that life in a terrorist organization was not how she envisioned it. She was made to wear a burka that covered her from head-to-toe, and she said she was not in agreement with ISIS's implementation of Islam.

Nonetheless, her child with Sciannimanica was born in Iraq in 2015, though her marriage with the German would soon end because of their numerous disagreements. But she immediately received another marriage proposal, this time from Denis Cuspert, a former rapper known as 'Deso Dogg' who had become Germany's most famous ISIS terrorist. 


Derya said she decided against the marriage because "women have nothing to say with him," and that she instead married Belgian ISIS commander Abu Salahuddin. However, that marriage would be short-lived. "Everything was fine until he was hit by a drone and died two months later. God, what bad luck I have with men," she said. "All of them die around me."

The Mail reported that the 26-year-old went back to Sciannimanica at this point of time, but that her bad luck would continue. He was accused of being a spy against ISIS and was arrested, tortured, and eventually beheaded. She saw no choice but to flee ISIS and employed the help of human traffickers to sneak her across the Syrian-Turkish border once again.

She was arrested and jailed in Turkey before being extradited to Germany in 2017, where she is currently being held in custody as a part of an investigation of four other German ISIS members who returned to the country after fleeing to Syria.