Woman drowns niece's baby in water tank after one-month-old's father refuses to have sex with her

As everyone was concerned and looking for the kid, Apolinario seemed relaxed, which triggered suspicions

                            Woman drowns niece's baby in water tank after one-month-old's father refuses to have sex with her
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A woman has been arrested for allegedly murdering her niece’s one-month-old baby after the tot’s father did not show interest in having sex with her. The alleged tragic incident happened on Sunday, November 28, in Nova Vicosa, Brazil, when the boy was found unresponsive in the water tank. The Sun reported that the child’s father was allegedly offered sex by Maria Aparecida Monteiro Apolinario when the latter was socializing with her niece, but the man refused, which infuriated the suspect.

The father of the baby said that they all were enjoying at a bar near their house while the toddler was sleeping on a sofa. But when Apolinario was denied sex by the man, she allegedly went inside the house saying she needs to use the loo. After spending several minutes, she came outside acting strangely. Later, the mother of the child went to check her baby but could not find her. She soon informed everyone leading a search for the victim and as everyone was concerned and looking for him, Apolinario seemed relaxed, which triggered suspicions.

Also, during the search, the mother discovered that the lid of a water tank in the yard was not in its place and when she looked inside to check, the baby was floating unresponsive. Soon the baby was taken out and an ambulance was called, but despite all the efforts taken by the medics, the little boy could not be saved. Apolinario was then taken to the police station in the nearby Teixeira de Freitas and later charged with manslaughter. She has denied any wrongdoing and also refused to accept that she offered sex to the boy’s father.

Speaking with the local media, the accused said she did not even see the child and she was attacked by the father when she came out of the washroom. Apolinario stated, “When I got to the front door, my niece's husband punched me and accused me of killing his son. I said 'what son for God's sake?' I hadn't even seen the baby. They said the baby was on the sofa, and the baby's mother was just screaming that I had killed her son. How could I kill a child if I also have children? I don't understand anything. They went into the residence and she came out with the baby all wet and said the baby was in the water tank. I wasn't drunk, I don't drink, I'm not in the habit."

The woman also responded to that allegation that when everyone was frantically looking for the child why she did not help. Apolinario claimed that allegations were made against her soon after she emerged from the bathroom. She said that nothing was good between the victim’s parents after the father found that the boy was not his biological son. The suspect, though, said that she cannot confirm whether the baby was killed by its father or mother. “I just ask God to help me as soon as possible so I can get out of here,” Apolinario added.

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