Wisconsin man shot son in the head, complained about his own weight and offered cop 'some co*k' during arrest

He shot his son from a point-blank range after a drunk fight over the youngster not looking out for his sister

                            Wisconsin man shot son in the head, complained about his own weight and offered cop 'some co*k' during arrest
(St Croix County Sheriff’s Office)

NEW RICHMOND, WISCONSIN: A father murdered his son and then complained about his own weight. When a police officer came to arrest him, the killer did another outrageous thing. He offered the cop 'some co*k'.

The father, Kayle Fleischauer, has been sentenced to prison for around 22 years on Friday, June 5 over the killing of Chase Fleischauer, 19 that took place in March. 

Kayle had shot  Chase in the head at their home. He then staggered out very drunk when the police arrived and commented and complained about his weight while grabbing his belly. He reportedly said, "I’m going to tell you how it is — I didn’t kill my Chase" when asked for his last name, Metro reports. 

He then started to expose himself and also proceeded to offer a cop 'some co*k' after he was asked to stand still to take a photograph. He was then handcuffed after behaving and acting out in a threatening manner.

Kayle's other child, Somer, had called 911 and told the dispatcher that Chase had shot himself but later confessed the truth to the investigators. As reported by WCCO, Somer said, "I don’t know why my dad would do this. He obviously fucking shot (Chase) in the head." 

Somer later shared that they had planned to meet up to organize the funeral of Kayle's father who had died earlier on in the month. She explained how the death had very badly affected Kayle and that an argument that started when Kayle accused his son Chase of failing to look out for his sister. 

Somer revealed that she had gone to bed but had been woken up with a loud bang. She rushed upstairs and found her brother Chase laying in the floor while surrounded by blood with her father Kayle standing and yelling swear words at his murdered son. Kayle has been jailed for 20 years for reckless homicide and an additional two years for being a felon in possession of a firearm. According to investigators, Chase died from a gunshot wound to the head with the manner of death being ruled as a homicide. 

He had been shot from around 1.5 feet away with his injuries consistent with the two having some sort of altercation. Kayle is currently being held St Croix County Jail on  $500,000 bail. A high school friend of Chase, Nick Schnagl, had described him as being an ambitious student who attended the St Cloud State University. 

As reported by CBS local, Nick said, "Chase was a happy person. He was very smart and wanted to do things that the average person probably couldn’t." A Facebook page has been launched to help the family pay for Chase's funeral expenses. 

The page read, "Chase was one of my closest friends growing up since 2nd grade, Chase had always been there for me. I also felt like I was apart of his family, the nicest down to earth people I know. This is the least I can do to help. R.I.P. Chaser."

Prior to the sentencing, Kayle apologized in a quick statement and said he takes responsibility. "I have to live without my children every day. I am sorry," he said.

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