Will Rudy Giuliani win a Razzie award? 'Giuliani is hot' sign emerges during protest after 'Borat 2' appearance

Rudy Giuliani has gained popularity among people after his infamous appearance where he is seen touching his genitals

                            Will Rudy Giuliani win a Razzie award? 'Giuliani is hot' sign emerges during protest after 'Borat 2' appearance
Rudy Giuliani and Borat (Getty Images/ Amazon Prime)

Rudy Giuliani became the center of attention when he made his appearance in 'Borat 2'. The former mayor of New York City could be seen in the secretly-shot video to reach into his trousers and touching his genitals while having a conversation with Borat's daughter. The scene was recorded when Giuliani was tricked into entering a hotel room that was set up with cameras. Maria Bakalova, the actress who plays Borat's daughter in the movie, posed as a journalist who then met Giulian and convinced him she was there to take an interview of him. Once the two enter the room, Giuliani makes himself comfortable just before being interrupted by Borat. 

Viewers were quick to slam Giuliani after the video went public. Many took to social media and urged him to make a statement. Many people have also been taking "Giuliani is hot" poster to protest. In a video that was shared by a Twitter user, a poster that said "Giuliani is hot" can be seen among other signs that were in support of President Donald Trump. At the same time, in another video that was shared by James Woods, a Trump supporter can be seen attacked by alleged Antifa group. While many were commenting on the brutal attack, some noticed how there was a woman in the video who stood with a sign that read "Giuliani is hot".



It seems like the former mayor has managed to leave a mark on people. It is believed he also has a fair chance of winning a Razzie award this year, as reported by Gold Derby. Golden Raspberry Awards or Razzie take place every year where worst movies and actors are nominated. Many politicians like President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and others have won this award. So, it may not come as a surprise if Giuliani does take home the award. While he has not yet commented on what had happened, Sacha Baron Cohen has been vocal about the entire scene.

The actor revealed the scene came close to not being shot because the battery of the camera was about to drain out. "The interview starts and I switch on the phone and there's only 3% battery," Cohen told Stephen Colbert during his late-night show, as reported by Insider. "Hold on, we've got Rudy Giuliani. We've got the president's lawyer. We've got this scene — this is the climax of the movie — and no one thought it might be worth charging the phone?" However, he finally managed to get the scene as he kept his phone on airplane mode.

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