#WhyIDontLikeTrump: POTUS labeled 'racist, misogynist and sexual abuser', Internet slams his Covid-19 response

Internet dug out his erroneous statements and viewpoints in regard to the pandemic, public health, Black Lives Matter, job losses and a lot more 

                            #WhyIDontLikeTrump: POTUS labeled 'racist, misogynist and sexual abuser', Internet slams his Covid-19 response
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It is almost every day that POTUS Donald Trump’s videos, statements and standpoint cause a furore on the internet and start a new trend. This time, 'Why I don’t like Trump' was trending where people are enraged over racism and White supremacy, among other issues. They are now calling Trump a misogynist, abuser and xenophobic. 

A video sparked the trend on Twitter. "I don’t like Trump because his response to Covid has literally nearly destroyed our country. #WhyIDontLikeTrump," the caption read along with a video where Trump's response to social distancing were clubbed together. Another said, "I don’t like Trump because he is a thief. And I lose sleep at night knowing he and his cronies are taking our tax monies, also payola from the Saudis for selling them weapons, and China for copyrights (his daughter). They are stashing money for later after out of office."

Soon, more internet users joined in and started calling the president out. A user tweeted, "I truly hate the fact that we have a racist, white supremacist, misogynist, xenophobic, serial sexual abuser, Putin a** kisser, Goya bean selling, pathological liar, scientific ignoramus who thinks he's a dictator and above the law in the Oval Office. Pass it on #WhyIdontliketrump." 

Racism has become a burning issue in the backdrop of Black Lives Matter movement. In the past, Trump has called White protesters "good people" while endorsing White supremacy and all the while, staying passive on BLM. "#WhyIDontLikeTrump is he welcomed all the white supremacists out of the closet," tweeted a user. "#WhyIDontLikeTrump cuz he’s empowered these ignorant racists who have divided our country to its lowest point since the 60’s race riots. They can’t accept that the white majority will become the minority… desperately clinging to their white power only prolonging the inevitable," tweeted a user. 

Gun Violence survivor Khary Penebaker tweeted a video showing abuse and bullying on roads by goons under Trump's rule. In the video, he shows several White individuals using derogatory slangs like the N-word and rebuking a White guy for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. He captioned the video as “#WhyIDontLikeTrump: because he makes these hate-filled racists think that this kind of behavior is ok."

#WhyIDontLikeTrump also talked about the president's claim that "America’s condition is improving in pandemic". It also talked about how Trump wanted to know why his approval ratings are low due to the pandemic as compared to infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci. Twitterati answered this by bashing the leader's erroneous claims.

"Doctor Dena Grayson tweets that Trump must be Voted out of Presidency. The US is the worst #coronavirus hot zone in the world. Yet @realDonaldTrump says: 'Slow the testing down', and 'I don’t take responsibility at all.' Trump has blood on his hands. VOTE HIM OUT." Fred Guttenberg, an American activist against gun violence tweeted, "@realDonaldTrump just said Fauci has a high approval rating but why don't I have a high approval rating?  Why doesn't anybody like me? Would everyone like to use this tweet to tell him? Let's go viral with #WhyIDontLikeTrump."

People also targeted him for job losses and the down sliding curve of the economy. One user tweeted, "#WhyIDontLikeTrump Because he spends all his time pushing hate, fear & division tearing this nation apart just to feed his own ego. He has allowed over 150,000 Americans to die & could care less unless it interferes with his plans. He refuses to even consider doing his job."

More recently, Trump has backed a Houston-based doctor for her bizarre statements that echo his anti-mask stance, belief in alien DNA, demon sperm and touting Hydrochloroquine as cure for Covid-19. A Twitter user spoke about Trump's stance on this, "One of MY doctors highly recommended Hydroxychloroquine! She also talks about Demon Sperm! LOOK IT UP! Now the crazy 'evangelicals' say they don't like ME because I like demon sperm! Sad! I use demon sperm ALL the TIME - thanks to the Trumpers who send it to me. #WhyIDontLikeTrump."

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