Who is Regis Moore? NYC man, 73, suffers fractured shoulder as attacker punches him: 'He came out of nowhere'

The incident was caught on a surveillance video and while the attacker's identity is yet to be released, he is believed to be 28 to 30 years old

                            Who is Regis Moore? NYC man, 73, suffers fractured shoulder as attacker punches him: 'He came out of nowhere'
Regis Moore was pushed to the ground and assaulted by an unknown man and it was all caught on video (Getty Images)

MIDTOWN, NEW YORK CITY: A 73-year-old man, Regis Moore, was attacked around 7.30 am on Saturday, April 3, when was walking down the street in Midtown. The incident was caught on video. As per surveillance footage that was released by the police, the alleged attacker is seen wearing a red jacket, gray sweatpants, black shoes, and a dark-colored baseball cap.

While the attacker is currently on the loose, as per officials, Moore spoke to The Post from his hospital bed, talking about the horrific incident that left him with a fractured shoulder.  


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The suspect was caught on video (DCPI)

Who is Regis Moore?

Moore has reportedly been a super at a West 47th Street apartment building since the year 2011. After the horrid attack, Morre is now at Mt Sinai Morningside Hospital. Speaking about the attacker and the incident, he said, "I never actually seen him come at me. He came out of nowhere, and he hit me straight to the ground." As per the victim, the attacker came back to take Moore's hat. "He came back to me", said Moore adding that the attacker said, "‘I’m gonna take your f*****g hat." And he dropped it off someplace. But the cops later found the hat, Moore added.

As per reports, Moore also revealed that he was "slugged" in the gut and knocked to the floor. He suffered a fractured shoulder which sent him to the hospital. As for his health, the victim doesn't know how long he will be admitted in the hospital, but he's "scared" to go back home. "Gotta be more careful, that’s all," he told The New York Post.

'Why is this not a racial attack?'

After the Post posted the article on Twitter, some users took to re-tweeting the article with opinions of their own. While police have not yet identified the cause of the attack, some people are questioning why this isn't being dealt with as a racial attack. Others pointed at "White supremacy". One user wrote, "If an attacker were a White Man, MSM would repeat that fact as often as possible. But if the savage is Black, it'll never be mentioned. In this case, we see the pic. Clue: Anytime MSM fails to mention the identity of the POS, it's an African American."

"Why is this not a racial attack?" asked another user. Another sarcastically added, "Every day you read the paper and you see more “white supremacy." The cover image of the Post article sees a side-by-side image of the attacker who appears to be a Black man with Moore in the hospital bed. "Is it just me or would the narrative be completely different in the MSM in the reverse? #askingforafriend," another added. The attacker's identity (besides the video footage) is yet to be released, but the Post reported that he is believed to be 28 to 30 years old. There is no word from officials on whether this was a racially motivated attack.





NYPD posted the video of the accuser on their official Twitter account writing, "WANTED for ASSAULT: Do you know this guy? On 4/3/21 at approx 8:50 AM, in front of 448 West 47 St in Manhattan, the suspect punched a 73-year-old male victim in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Any info? DM @NYPDTips, or call them at 800-577-TIPS. All calls are anonymous."


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