Who is Damion Delgado? Man stabs five-month pregnant woman 20 times in 'very violent killing'

Reports indicate that the victim and accused communicated via an app called Text Now before the incident happened

                            Who is Damion Delgado? Man stabs five-month pregnant woman 20 times in 'very violent killing'
Damion Delgado (Major Case Squad)

ST PETERS, MISSOURI: A 27-year-old man from Missouri named Damion Delgado has been accused in the brutal stabbing death of a pregnant woman and her fetus according to a criminal complaint filed on December 3. The woman, Amethyst Killian, was stabbed over 20 times in the head, neck and abdomen region.

Tim Lohmar, prosecuting attorney for St. Charles County conveyed the details in a press conference. Lohmar deemed it a “very violent killing,” but he said he is still not aware of the motive behind the heinous act. He said it was a “tragic, tragic situation. We have a young mother of two who was also pregnant.” The unborn child “also lost his life,” said Lohmar.
“In reference to the homicide case of Amethyst Killian, a male subject has been arrested and charged with her murder. The male was identified as: Delgado, Damion H/M 27 years old O’Fallon (Missouri) Resident,” the St Peters Police Department revealed.

Crime scene tape (Getty Images)

“Through the hard work and determination of the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad, we were able to develop a suspect as well as tremendous evidence within a matter of days. Delgado was charged with Murder 1st, Murder 2nd (for the unborn fetus), and Armed Criminal Action. He is currently being held at St. Charles County Jail on $1 million dollars bond.”

As per reports, the 22-year-old victim was reportedly found dead outside her home. She was missing on an early Thanksgiving morning walk to QuikTrip gas station and convenience store to buy cigarettes. Killian who was known by her nickname “Ame” disappeared from the convenience store around 1 am on Thursday, November 26 from St. Peters Charles County, Missouri. Killian's boyfriend and relatives found her purse just 75 yards from her home. She was 5 months pregnant as reported by KMOV-TV cited by Heavy.

What happened in the murder case?

After she went missing, the next day, a search was launched by her stepfather and boyfriend and one of them discovered her purse and some items of clothing. After that, the family of the victim contacted St Peters police. “Not long after that, the victim’s lifeless body was found stashed in some brush.

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Lohmar, in the press conference, reiterated: “This was not a random act of violence. This was a targeted act of violence." Further, the attorney mentioned that accused Delgado took an Uber to the crime scene where he was aiming to meet victim Killian before her killing. However, Lohmar declined to elaborate on why Killian and Delgado had arranged to meet but stated that they were involved in a “dangerous activity.”
Killian's boyfriend told police that Killian sometimes engaged in prostitution by advertising online, reports St Louis Post Dispatch. The reports indicate that the victim often communicated via an app on her phone called Text Now. Further, the victim and accused in the case had connected online where they had arranged a meeting to meet ahead of the murder. “The victim and Delgado had connected with one another online and they had arranged a meeting that night, in the early morning hours of November 26. Aside from that, there’s no connection between the victim and Delgado”, the prosecutor said. 
The prosecutor stated as reported by Kiro 7 that in one of the texts to Killian, Delgado had talked about an item he’d just bought at a St Peters gas station which was found at the scene of Killian’s homicide. However, the lawyer did not mention much about what that item was. In the case’s investigation that is still ongoing, the authorities subpoenaed the records of the call and connected victim Killian’s last communication to Delgado. The accused Delgado was later seen on surveillance video at a local gas station nearly 10 minutes prior to where he met Killian, as per the prosecutor.
DNA analysis has been done. In that, it was revealed that the blood found at the crime scene on the knife and on the sidewalk as well as nearby fence matched that of Delgado, alleged Lohmar. 

Who is Damion Delgado?

Damion Delgado is a 27-year-old man from Missouri who is accused in the gory act of killing Killian. As per Kiro 7, Delgado is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the November 26 death. He is also charged with second-degree murder for the death of Killian’s unborn child which was a fully grown 5-month fetus. 

After the killing, Delgado attempted suicide by cutting his wrists on November 30 but he survived since he was taken to the hospital. He is currently being held in the St Charles County Jail in lieu of $1 million bond. As per prosecutor Lohmar, Delgado has “very little criminal history. From all accounts, these actions on his part were unexpected to say the least.”
Website Heavy reported some information about the personal life of accused Delgado that they accessed through his Facebook. “Delgado posted pictures with his wife and child. His cover photo shows cartoon characters in a fight with a knife and hammer. Photos on the Facebook show he got married in 2017”, the site reports. 

The website further says that a 2017 post showed a table set with glasses of wine and portabello mushrooms suggestive of the time when Delgado was with his wife and daughter. “Spending a magnificent night with my magnificent wife …and little (daughter). I made up some Supreme Portobellos con Queso for the both of us” Delgado reportedly wrote in one of the posts.

Heavy reported that same year, Delgado posted a photo of his wife and newborn in the hospital and wrote, “Sitting here in this room tonight with the two most amazing human beings God has ever put into my life; comes with a feeling I’ll treasure forever. I never would have thought his plan would have been this incredible. Every day has been precious, and every moment coming will be remembered. I can’t begin to explain how much you two mean to me. You are the sun that wakes me, and the moon I fall asleep with.”

However, Heavy reported that in 2020, Delgado and his wife divorced, in an action, she filed only two years after marrying him. Court records say, “that the marriage of the parties is dissolved; there is one unemancipated child born of the marriage.” It added that an order of protection was also served against Delgado where his wife sought the order which banned him from abusing and stalking her. The order read, “Respondent not to enter petitioner’s place of work or come within 100 feet of petitioner. Respondent shall not take, hide, transfer, sell, damage, encumber or otherwise dispose of property mutually owned or leased with the petitioner,” the court records say.

It's not clear how many children Delgado has. However, the deceased victim leaves behind two amazing kids and was pregnant with the third child at the time of the tragedy. 

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