Who are Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay? NY couple who assaulted Black clerk taunt BLM protesters outside court

They attacked the Black hotel clerk twice, throwing her against the wall and kicking her in the back several times before Sarner allegedly attempted to 'stomp on her face.' They called her 'an old monkey' and said her life did not matter

                            Who are Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay? NY couple who assaulted Black clerk taunt BLM protesters outside court
Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay attacked a Black hotel clerk at the Quality Inn in Mystic, Connecticut (Stonington Police Department)

On June 26, 2020, Chrystal Caldwell was assaulted by a couple at the Quality Inn in Mystic, Connecticut. Following the incident, the couple face charges of assault and intimidation based on racial bias charges.

The police had also said that the Caldwell was taken to the Pequot Health Center in Groton, while the couple was taken to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London. After treatment, the three of them involved in the incident were released. The couple appeared in court on April 30 to face charges, but their behavior in front of the Black Lives Matter protestors who had gathered outside the courthouse only riled up the crowd. 


Who is Chrystal Caldwell? Black hotel clerk called 'an old monkey', beaten by White NY couple over no hot water 

New York White couple who attacked Black hotel worker and repeatedly called her 'old monkey' arrested

Who are Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay?

Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay are the couple who attacked Caldwell in Connecticut, and they are from New York. When the local police had investigated the incident, Stonington Police Capt. Todd Olson had said, "We are putting together a warrant, or warrants if the investigation shows that both were involved, and we will use an extradition process if necessary. The courts will make the appropriate determination on charges, which helps protect the integrity of the case."

Chrystal Caldwell (GoFundMe)

Speaking about the incident, Caldwell spoke during a YouTube interview and said that it was around 11 am when Sarner called down to complain about there not being any hot water in the room. At this time, he had sworn at the hotel clerk profusely during this call. He had also told her over the call that he would come down and "kick her a**" at which point Caldwell hung upon him. 

Following this, Caldwell had got her General Manager involved to sort out the issue of hot water. Yet, Sarner came down and attacked her despite interference from the manager. While they were separated initially, there was a second incident claimed by Caldwell who said that this time both Sarner and Orbay had attacked her again when she was getting ice for her injuries.

CCTV footage showing Sarner and Orbay assaulting Chrystal Caldwell. (Screenshot)

That's when she said she'd been thrown against the wall and kicked in the back several times before the man allegedly attempted to "stomp on her face." She said, "I was so fearful in that moment," and added, "I was concerned about my life." At this time, they had called her "an old monkey" and had also said that her life did not matter.

After this, an additional charge was also placed against Caldwell's lawyer for harassment. Orbay from Brooklyn was released after posting $50,000 bail while Sarner from Long Island was released after posting a $30,000 bail. Even when they had appeared on court on April 30, they seemed not regretful of their action as Sarner continued to make rude hand gestures at the protesters who were gathered. 

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