'Vikings' season 5B episode 14: Who is Ivar the Boneless' human sacrifice? Promo has a clue

It seemed obvious his brother Hvitserk was to be sacrificed, as a hooded figure was dragged into the podium, but the new trailer hints otherwise

                            'Vikings' season 5B episode 14: Who is Ivar the Boneless' human sacrifice? Promo has a clue

Season 5 episode 13 was at its peak when Ivar the Boneless proclaimed himself a Norse God and then hinted at sacrificing one of Kattegat’s beloved figures, his brother Hvitserk. He even went on to announce that he would be sacrificing "someone people will have heard of," while looking at his brother as if a multi-million-dollar-worth idea dawned on to him.

The gasp and the horror did not last long, thankfully, as the trailer for episode 14 titled 'The Lost Moment,' released Thursday and revealed, or rather teased who the human sacrifice might be. Ivar's new avatar as a Norse god, decked in a black robe, with face painted white and lined in red along with a crown sitting on his dreadlocked hair, rendered the ominous vibe that looms in Kattegat as he has been brainwashed by his new wife Freydis. The chilling godhood celebration in the streets in the last episode also showed a chained hooded figure dragged into the podium to be offered to the gods.

The 30-second trailer picking up from episode 13, showed the sacrificial event where the seer, the Oracle of Kattegat, is seen lying down during the sacrifice only to be noticed in chains in bed afterward. The short trailer ends with a scream "No!" in reaction to the sacrifice, which could either mean the seer is the ultimate sacrifice, which makes sense as Ivar wants to prove that he is a god, or it could just be clever editing as fans noted in the comments section.

Even though it was more than convincing that Hvitserk would be sacrificed, many were reluctant to buy that, because, first of all, it would be too obvious and secondly, as a YouTube user pointed out, he is in season 6. Lagertha's name is also mentioned in the sacrifice but that's not a possibility because she is in Wessex with Heahmund along with Bjorn and Ubbe. 

The seer could be the sacrifice after all because that's one way for Ivar to establish his new proclaimed authority. "The Seer is being sacrificed because Ivar thinks he’s a god and he can’t have Seer being around saying otherwise. It’s obvious it’s not his brother and [definitely] not Lagertha unless he can teleport now," a comment read.

The show that keeps getting compared to 'Game of Thrones,' also saw Ivar the Boneless compared to the Mad King of George R.R. Martin's creation. 

There are two episodes left in 'Vikings' season 5B with the finale airing Wednesday, December 26 on History.

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