Vermont woman drank tea and slept with boyfriend's corpse after slashing his throat

Averil Beliveau has pleaded not guilty after Vermont State Police nabbed her on suspicion of second-degree murder

                            Vermont woman drank tea and slept with boyfriend's corpse after slashing his throat
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BURLINGTON, VERMONT: A 30-year-old woman has been accused of sleeping with her boyfriend’s corpse after she slashed his throat from behind. Averil Beliveau has allegedly even drunk tea at the gory crime scene, court documents said.
The official report also claimed that Beliveau waited two days before she called authorities. After killing Cameron Faling, she allegedly went to her parents’ home to change clothes, after which she returned to the crime scene to spend the night close to his corpse, and even drank a cup of tea near his body.
The woman has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Faling, 45, at their shared studio apartment in Burlington, Vermont. She said that he had killed Faling on March 12 while acting in self-defense. She told investigators that she was protecting herself as Faling tried to choke her during a fight. Beliveau explained that she and Faling always argued about cleaning the house, and he had also refused to help her buy pot.
The woman reportedly called police on March 14 around 7 am and accepted that she had ‘slit his neck’ in self-defense when they asked her about Faling’s injuries.
However, Chittenden County State's Attorney Sarah George said the evidence did not support her comments about self-protection. During a hearing on Monday, March 16, she said: “Don’t think the evidence matches the statements.”
George added that the deceased man was the only one with defensive wounds. Talking about the incident, she said: “It certainly outlines a brutal homicide. From her statement, this homicide occurred on Thursday night around 9 pm. She believes he was dead by 11 pm.”
The Chittenden County State's attorney has also opposed Beliveau’s bail plea, who has been charged with second-degree murder as she stated: “There are some concerns about her mental health. That could make her a danger to the public.”
Beliveau is being held without bail ahead of her next court appearance.

Another man was killed, in a separate incident, by his girlfriend. This time in Minneapolis, but it was not as disturbing as the first case. Not less surprising, though.

A woman killed her boyfriend by shooting him in the head as she wanted him to stop talking. Stephanie Clark killed her boyfriend of two years, Don Juan, on March 12. Investigators said there were additional bullet holes in his back also.
The complaint filed against the 29-year-old said she went to a neighbor’s house with her 5-year-old son following the shooting and said, “He’s dead.” The report added that the couple had an argument before the shooting as Juan confronted her about her conversation with a man inside a store earlier that day, and eventually started punching her.
Clark said that during the argument she left to pick up her son and when she returned the argument continued. After that, she took a revolver and shot him seven or eight times before finally shooting him in the head because she “wanted him to stop talking.”
Currently, Clark is in custody at the Hennepin County Jail and expected to be presented in court on Monday, March 23.

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