Trump impeachment could backfire on Democrats in battleground states as undecided voters feel it's waste of time: Report

These voters might not be blind supporters of the Republican president's public conduct but they feel the impeachment is not serving any purpose, either.

                            Trump impeachment could backfire on Democrats in battleground states as undecided voters feel it's waste of time: Report
Donald Trump (Source : Getty Images)

US President Donald Trump and his Republican aides are trying their best to beat the impeachment challenge and will be glad to know that they already have backing from people - those who are not blind Trump supporters but feel the Democrats’ choice of action is not fair either.

According to a report in the Washington Times, voters in battleground states who do not like Trump’s personality and his method of working which is about name-calling and bullying have started finding themselves more against the Democrats over their decision to impeach the president. Though undecided, they feel the effort is not only unfair but also wasting a whole lot of time. 

“They’re wasting a lot of time and energy on it. I just feel like it’s hurting everybody”, the Times quoted a woman in Phoenix as saying.

Such reactions will only see the Trump team seeking reelection elated for it hopes that the backlash over the impeachment could see the incumbent winning the suburban votes that have been eluding him since 2016. Wednesday, November 13, saw the first day of the impeachment hearing that involved two top officials of the administration while on Friday, November 15, it will feature testimony from former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. 

Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs George P. Kent and top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine William B. Taylor Jr. wait to testify before the House Intelligence Committee in the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill November 13, 2019 in Washington, DC. In the first public impeachment hearings in more than two decades, House Democrats are trying to build a case that President Donald Trump committed extortion, bribery or coercion by trying to enlist Ukraine to investigate his political rival in exchange for military aide and a White House meeting that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky sought with Trump. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The impeachment procedure that was formally launched in September over allegations that the president pressured the government of Ukraine to investigate his domestic political rival Joe Biden has left the American people somewhat confused.

While many feel that Trump should be impeached, yet his support base hasn’t dwindled much, hence raising the possibility of an impeached president returning to power.
On Thursday, November 14, a Democratic campaign memo was released and it showed Trump having an underwater 40 percent favorable/56 percent unfavorable rating among the suburban voters in states like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the Times report said.

The ratings were even worse among suburban women voters in those states. Polling results released by the Democratic super PAC Priorities USA on Thursday showed Trump's unfavorability rating (61 percent) outdoing the favorability one (34 percent) among the suburban women in the four above-mentioned states.

Dems are not finding it favorable 

But there was hope on the other side for the Republicans. Pollsters for the pro-Trump nonprofit group America First Policies conducted 18 small focus groups with independent voters since October 22 in states that will have a decisive impact on the 2020 presidential elections, including Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. The findings were to the Republicans’ satisfaction like: Biden is too old to become the president; the Democratic candidates are far too committed to socialism and impeachment is a lost cause for the Democrats, the report further said. 

When one of the focus groups in Charlotte, North Carolina, was asked whether Trump deserved to be impeached, only one among 12 undecided voters felt affirmative, the Times report said citing a video. 

'Majority doesn't care'

“I don’t think the majority of the country cares. I want to see a program [from Congress]. At least you’re not constantly thinking about impeaching someone that you can vote out next year”, one person was quoted as saying. 

In a focus group in Arizona, one woman said the liberals don’t want Trump in office but their relentless pursuit to topple him will only backfire. She called it a “waste of time” and an “absolute distraction from what’s going on” and the president’s “accomplishments."
In North Carolina, one focus group member even said that there was nothing troubling about Trump’s call, given his “personality and arrogance."

“You can always see him saying something stupid”, the person, identified as Kent, was quoted as saying.

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