"I ate chicken every night," Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra on his dramatic weight loss and clothing line Tierra Reign

Tyler Baltierra was not happy with what he saw on the screen and it is then that he decided to change things. Showing a tremendous weight loss, he talks about what went into reaching his weight loss goal.

                            "I ate chicken every night," Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra on his dramatic weight loss and clothing line Tierra Reign

Many people reach a point in life where they do not feel happy about the way they look in the mirror. The tiniest things that used to go unnoticed once upon a time start to look big as though one is looking through a microscope. Something similar happened with Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra. As soon as Tyler quit smoking, he could feel those extra pounds taking over his body. 

As soon as Tyler quit smoking he started feeling he was putting on weight (Instagram)

However, he never paid attention to how much it really was affecting his health and body. By gaining nearly 30 lbs just a couple of months after quitting, Tyler came to a realization that he had to lose weight when he saw a preview for an episode of Teen Mom. He just couldn't stop looking at how swelled up his face looked. It is then that Tyler decided that enough is enough and it was time to change something because he did not like what he was seeing. 

Even though there were no physical limitations that he quite noticed, one thing that he could not look away from was an extra pudgy belly that drooped over the seatbelt when he was driving. At the same time, he also noticed that he had to increase his pant size, which had been the same for the past seven years. Considering this as an eye-opening incident, the reality star made up his mind on hopping onto a weight loss regime. 

While he was completely happy about taking the decision of turning his life around for good, there were some obstacles that he had to face and the biggest one happened to be seeing his wife eat everything that he used to, like pizza, french fries, and take out. Watching wife Catelynn [Lowell] eat everything that he craved for, made Tyler difficult to be satisfied with the bowl of salad that lay in front of him. But what Tyler had was unbeatable willpower which also helped him stay true to his weight loss programme. 

It is then he decided to change his eating habits (Instagram)

Unlike many who would love to tag the weight loss changes in eating habits as "diet", Tyler hates that word. Rather than calling it a "diet", he prefers to look at it as at it as a lifestyle change in his eating habits and to ensure that he is in line with a healthy diet, Tyler followed the following healthy eating habit: 

"For the first 3 weeks, I was super strict with what I ate. I cut out almost all carbs and ate eggs every morning and hard boiled eggs as snacks throughout the day. For lunch I would have a protein and a large salad, for example, my favorite was a smoked salmon salad with a side of tuna fish or hard boiled eggs (seriously, I cant tell you how much eggs I ate, especially since I would get so many from the chickens we have at home)," he said. 

"Then for dinner, I practically ate chicken (in various forms) every night along with lots of low carb vegetables like asparagus and sautéed spinach and tons of collard greens."

He added, "After the first month, I slowly introduced things with higher carbs, like apples, broccoli, green beans and 2 pieces of cinnamon swirl bread toast in the morning (only 80 calories a slice & I love it!). Since then I have maintained this kind of eating habit and I still don't eat any starchy/grainy carbs. I will, however, eat some rice once in a while when I'm feeling rebellious! " 

He hates the word "diet" and likes to call it lifestyle eating habit (Instagram)

While trying to keep up with these changes in his  "lifestyle eating habit", there are certain things that Tyler makes sure that he avoids. These include "sugar, starchy/grainy carbs, soda and pretty much all types of bread." However, he does indulge in guilty pleasure every morning by having his favorite cinnamon swirl toast. 

There is no doubt that every other person who is trying to follow a strict eating plan, does have cheat days. But for Tyler, he thought of not engaging in those during the first month of transition. As days went by, it changed and after a while, the reality star confessed that now, almost once a week he has a cheat day.

To give some treat to his taste buds, Tyler tries to consume everything that he has been craving. " It could be anything from potatoes/french fries to rice, or when I really feel like going wild I will get pizza and his ultimate favorite TACO BELL!" 

He has outdone his weight loss goal and now weighs 165 lbs(Twitter)

Meanwhile, one thing that has been a constant motivation in his journey, is seeing his pictures on MTV or just looking at the pictures he takes of himself.

The reality star wanted to reach a weight loss goal of 170 but has outdone himself by currently weighing 165 lbs. While Tyler has been able to see a significant change in himself following his weight loss, he advises people not to look at this as a "diet" or making weight loss their ONLY goal for changing. 

Rather, he believes, one should think of it more like a "lifelong transition to better eating habits. Think of it as a lifestyle change, not a temporary fad!" Along with focusing on his transformation, Tyler is also up and active when it comes to channeling his interest and turning it into a business idea. 

He, along with his wife Catelynn, came up with the idea of starting Tierra Reign, a children's clothing line. "The biggest inspiration for creating their company Tierra Reign was to invest in the country with handmade items locally produced in Detroit, Michigan (our home state) and to give kids the options of style without having Thomas the train or my little pony stamped all over the garments." 

He and his wife Catelynn wanted to start the company to give children more options for clothing (Facebook)

He does agree that some might like dressing up in those garments but in Tyler's views, "it doesn't mean that they have to dress them like a cartoon character or like they are attending church every single day!" He believes "they deserve to represent their individuality, explore their creativity, and take risks in the fashion that us adults are just too afraid to pursue."

Besides, for Tyler, the company was more than just overseas wholesale markup garments, or wholesale screen printing products that he didn't design. It was about pushing the boundaries and putting his creativity to use. At this point, Tyler believes that he has discovered his passion. 

When it comes to the name of the company, there is a reason why he chose "Tierra Reign" in particular. Tierra is the last syllable of the couple's last name Baltierra and Reign is their daughter, Novalee's middle name. Thus, they designed the logo with a crown, to represent the Reign aspect of their company name. 

He single-handedly manages everything and feels it's a big responsibility (Instagram)

Despite the company become a success story about Tyler's passion, it has not always been easy for him to single-handedly design, package and ship the products. He believes it has been a big responsibility, "especially dealing with his wife and her mental health issues, along with his dad's addiction and not to forget,  managing their new home renovations and to throw it all on there, raising a toddler! Tyler taught himself how to manage a website design and singlehandedly manage the customer service department as well."

Everything put together, Tyler has a pretty busy schedule which does not leave room for him to feel stressed as he is constantly "running around like the energizer bunny!" When asked what was that one thing he would tell himself from before launching Tierra Reign, he said:  "I would just tell myself how hard it is going to be and be prepared for the workload. Also to be prepared to learn A LOT of different things that come along with not just designing clothes but just running and managing a business by yourself."

"But more importantly, just have fun with it, be creative, and push the envelope as much as possible! I always say to myself..."How are you going to end up discovering something new or special in your life, if you just follow the same path as everyone else?"

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