Twitter flags Trump's edited Biden video as 'manipulated media', users slam company for not removing post

The video appeared to show Biden playing NWA’s 'F*** tha Police' on his phone during a rally

                            Twitter flags Trump's edited Biden video as 'manipulated media', users slam company for not removing post
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Shortly after President Donald Trump shared an edited video of his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, Twitter, on Wednesday, September 16, labeled the video as "manipulated media." The move came after the president shared a video, which appeared to show Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, playing rap group NWA’s song, “F*** tha Police." The original video, however, was of Biden playing Luis Fonsi's hit song Despacito instead at a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Florida. Trump had tweeted the edited video, writing: "What is this all about?"


Although there were many who welcomes Twitter's actions, there were several others who slammed the micro-blogging site for not removing the president's tweet altogether. One Twitter user wrote: "FFS  the tiny blue manipulated media tag at the bottom of the tweet is completely inadequate, I reported the tweet - but @TwitterSupport policy needs to be proactive and remove that tweet, any tweet with that video, and any future blatant fake automatically." While another added: "Trump tweeted out a video of Biden edited to make it look like he was playing NWA's "F*** tha Police" at an event. Twitter, again not doing anything to discourage the sharing of this stuff, responds only by adding a tiny "manipulated media" note."

One wrote: "This is Manipulated media. This never happened and Trump knows it. Trump is using fake videos to try and make Joe Biden look as if he's against the police. This is disgusting, and Twitter needs to delete this tweet rather than just labeling it "manipulated media."






Some users also demanded that Twitter should suspend Trump's account: "Hey @Twitter, this is SERIOUS. You have a dangerous fascist trying to trick people with doctored video, and the best you can do is call it "Manipulated Media?" SUSPEND HIM until he removes it altogether." Shaun King tweeted, writing: "It’s not enough that Twitter is labeling this as manipulated media. It’s destructive and should be removed and Trump should at least have his account flagged. Then, a certain number of flags for sharing fake videos and he should be removed." A fourth wrote: "@Twitter, you’ve got to start taking this stuff down. Does anyone even take these “manipulated media” labels seriously?







Within minutes of the outrage by social media users on the platform, President Trump retweeted the same video again, this time, writing: "China is drooling. They can’t believe this!"

A Twitter spokesperson, while commenting on the first video shared by Trump, said that the "manipulated media" labeling on the clip was done based on the company's synthetic and manipulated media policy. The video was originally shared by a Twitter handle called United Spot, which describes itself as creator of satirical videos.

Twitter previously also attached labels to some of the president's tweets on its platforms, including adding fact-checking notices on his tweets containing misleading information about mail-in ballots. The company, in March, had attached a similar "manipulated media" tag to a previous video retweeted by Trump of Biden, where the Democrat appeared to endorse the Republican for the presidential elections. 

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